How to help a Sexless Marriage Problems

Now a days, it is quite often men or women have low libido issues. Cause of the issue can be anything like stress, depression, over work, environment, hectic life style or lack of exercises. Due to such issues, they loose desires and jump into sexless marriage issues.

Talk with your partner

Communicating and opening up about the inhibitions and sexual desires with your mate will pave the path for a fulfilling long term relationship. This brings awareness about who their partner is at a deeper level. This will nurture a special bond in your interconnection. 

 Focus on Building Intimacy

Physical intimacy doesn't only involve sex. Spending time with the other better half is an important section of building a healthy relationship. 

Intimacy-building activities you might try are:

  • Try a pass time  together. 
  • Take a time-out of your hectic schedule.
  • Plan on an exotic  vacation. 
  • Go out on date nights.

These gestures will improve the feeling  of worth in the other partner raising the levels of  intimacy. This shows that you are willing to care and will always be there for the other mate. 

Get Professional Help

If you need help figuring out how to talk to your partner, seeing a professional can be a good idea. Sex therapists i.e. sexologists can aid you positively with comprehensive care. Getting professional help is a good option.

The sex therapists help both partners to :

  • Be frank with each other,
  • Feel comfortable to talk, 
  • Know the problem within,
  • Cure the malfunctions in the body.

With the help of:

  • Therapy sessions,
  • Sex education,
  • Mending of incorrect beliefs,
  • Increasing communication levels between the partners,
  • Comprehensive care,
  • Through medicines.


The so-called intimacy-desire paradox is not a paradox at all. This can be solved by not allowing the love to overrule the desire. Understanding the needs of the mind and the body will augment well for striking a balance between the two.

According to reports, it also increases the life expectancy rate. Communication skills, building intimacy and professional help is most likely to foster desire.  Furthermore, engaging in sexual activity with this desirable partner will revitalize an already valued alliance.

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Dr. Satinder SinghHow to help a Sexless Marriage Problems

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