Truncated Libido In Males and females

It’s a fact that loss of sexual desire or low libido strains a marriage more than any other cause. According to studies, it troubles 15-16% of men and about twice that of men women are affected. Men boost of their supremacy and masculinity in their world. Loss of interest in sex make men more nervous than women. Due to the loss in appetite for sex they are unhappy and petrified in their lives.     

Questionnaire to determine the problem ?

This situation doesn’t creeps up suddenly and it may be a complex problem depending on various factors.The problem can be gauged through the frequency of sex in your life. Are you having and enjoying sex? When was the last time you had sex? Are you having no sex?

The above questions may rattle you. It can measure the happiness with things as they are. If you're not happy about your loss of libido, it’s time to counter your issues now or they will get imbibed and will torture your entire span of living. To solve  and identify the dilemma we have a set of questions prepared for you which are as follows:

  1. Has sex become a chore? 
  2. Physical touching is only in the bedroom?
  3. Sex is not intimate and brings  no connection whatsoever?
  4. It feels as an imposition of  one’s want over the other spouse? 
  5. No desire for having sex?
  6. You almost never get sexually aroused by thinking about your partner? 
  7. The frequency of sex is once in a month at most?

Answering most of  the above questions in the affirmative suggests a situation of a fix and bother as you are losing your libido.   

Factors  affecting  Libido in Men?

It is a complex issue having a range of factors that affect libido which are: 

It is a state, in which the person has difficulty in getting an erection of the genital. ED or impotence leads to loss of libido. 

There are drugs such as  Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra that can greatly remove the issue and help as it enhances the blood flow towards the genital. According to experts, the erections can come and go two to five times in a 45 minute sexual session. We have to comprehend that it is completely normal behavior of the body.

For a sexual intercourse satisfaction of both the partners is important. This initiates the feeling of fulfillment and happiness in the sexual life. Early climaxing or premature ejaculation, plays a deterrent for a complete satisfaction of the sexual needs of the bodies. 

This adds to the worries of men  about the performance in the bed. Reports suggest that one in five men are anxious about performance. 

Moreover, modern day husbands feel that other partner climaxing during sex is a measure of their healthy and true performance. This further adds to their woes. According to statistics show, only 26% of women report that they always experience orgasm during sex, compared with 75% of men. 

  • Stress

In the world, it is the duty of the male part of the family to cater to the daily needs of the family. For sustaining a healthy family a financial good job is a necessity and reality that everyone has to face. A nice job in hand brings confidence and in this competitive world nothing is for granted. Now, if a man’s work at his workplace is compromised it leads to stress and  makes the future ahead vulnerable. At this point, stress and tensions doesn’t provide for the need of sexual pleasure and you shut down.

  • Medical illness   

A lot of illnesses  such as depression, hypertension, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes affect the healthy desirous state of the physical body. Health is wealth. A healthy body can deal with the stress of daily hectic schedules and traumas of life. An ailing body can not sustain his/her day-to-day chores which further diminishes sexual drive. 

Various medicines and drugs have a bad impact on the desire for having sex. Heavy and daily use of medicines for curing depression, blood pressure and drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijauna, etc. decrease the libido.   

  • Relationship and compatibility issues  

There are various issues in a relationship that can be due to emotional, financial and psychological problems in the couple’s life. For e.g. 

  • Unconditional love can snap  desire 

It is a paradox that too much proximity suffocates the idea of desire. Desire needs innovation of imagination which brings a sense of erotic pleasure and satisfaction. Greater emotional intimacy might not be better for sex.

How to rediscover Libido

Enjoying and feeling good about sex before, during and after is the true measure of a healthy sexual drive.Tips to combat the lack of desire: 

  • Burnt out  extra calories and eat a healthy diet

Lazy lifestyle and eating  habits are the reasons to blame for fat and obese people. Figuratively speaking, sex is a physical work and such people feel frozen and have no desire for sex. So, start moving and get leaner and fitter to enjoy sex. It also balances the hormones and boosts up the mood and sexual confidence. 

Eating junk foods and processed foods provide your body with stuff and ingredients full of fatty acids and trans fats. They harm your health by increasing the cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Eating a healthy diet comprising of all the ingredients is the need of the hour. 

  • Keep Expectations Real

Seeing porn, people try to emulate behaviour, styles and performance levels of porn stars. These stars are on performance enhancing drugs. It is not real and is fake. It is made attractive and lucrative to lure in masses. So, take off the pressure of performance as in real life, no one is perfect. According to studies, only about 40% to 50% of sexual events are mutually satisfying.

  • Innovation

Imagining something out of box with a surprise element and exploring that can satisfy the desire of eroticism. This greatly enhances the bonding and is hailed as a good thing by therapists.

  • Plan out an exotic vacation

Take a time out from your hectic schedule. Refurbish your future by planning out a luxurious and an exotic vacation. This will make the other partner feel important and you will cherish the moments spent together 

  • Talk about your needs 

Communication can bond and connect the relation between the spouses at a deeper level. Knowing about the inhibitions and feelings can make you understand the way in which the sexual activity can be satisfying for both the partners. 

  • Specialists Can Help

When you have an illness you go out and check with  the specialist of the disease. For low libido, sexologists are the specialists that can help and cure the problems.  

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