Can ED Be Cured?

ED(Erectile dysfunction) is a state which lowers the self esteem and masculinity in males. It is seen as a blot mainly on the character of men. Reproduction or having a baby is important for succession. Kids are blood line  assets which are in every way desirable. 

Men hails ED as a trauma and they become anxious. Good news is that it can be reversed most of the times and is a general phenomenon now-a -days. Most of the times, it is curable through change in lifestyle and eating habits. 

It is a matter of fact that all the individuals counter the problem of having no erection when desired in their lifetime sporadically.  According to reports, at least 30 million American men are having this disease. ED is a condition in which during sexual intercourse, male is not able to have an erection of the genital. In some cases, men previously had erections. In some rare cases, they never had an erection.

Read on to learn about natural and medicinal ways to reverse ED.

Can ED be cured?

The right set of actions and behaviour can diminish and get rid off the effects of ED. So, the answer is in the affirmative for the above question. So, cherish this moment and mend your ways to be a perfect and confident warrior. 

Doctors have categorized ED into two types:  

  • Primary ED is the rarest type, when a man never had attained an erection. 
  • Secondary ED is the category of people which earlier had perfect erectile function. This is the most general type.

Secondary ED is often short-term and curable whereas primary ED needs more attention through surgical and medicinal based treatments.

Ways to reverse ED

ED can be the first  intimation to underlying serious  physical and psychological issues in males. 

According to me, you should be selfish about your body because your body is the best friend that is going to remain with you before death. You should be keen about the healthy status of your body. So, go and see a doctor for a complete health check-up. ED is negatively  related to diabetes-related nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, or a neurological problem.

For it’s treatment both the aspects matters i.e. regarding physical and mental health. Various ways are as follows:

  • Identifying and Addressing the underlying cause

There can be various issues that has to be addressed by identifying them. Doctors I.e. Sexologists can help pinpointing the complications and  give solutions for the difficulties. Causes can be both physical as well as psychological.

  •  Lifestyle changes 

As the world is evolutionising, we tend to pick up bad eating habits and lazy style of living. Streamlining the lifestyle can enhance the chances of curing ED by limiting the health issues.It balances the hormone levels to an optimum required levels. It improves the blood flow and helps in lowering blood pressure. Clogged arteries 

For a healthy lifestyle commence with following steps:

  1. Do exercise daily for half an hour in the morning. Exercise may include walking, jogging, running, doing cardio exercises, breathing exercises etc. that soothe you. 
  2. Do meditation and relaxation exercises to rejuvenate the body
  3. Eat a healthy and a balanced diet and avoid processed and packaged foods.
  4. Avoid the food rich in saturated fats and trans fatty acids as it increases the cholesterol levels.
  5. Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking it adversely affects the body. 
  • Pelvic floor exercises

As the problem is concerned with the pelvic part, reports suggest that empowering the muscles of this region will improve the functioning of the genital. Doing exercises of the pelvic on the floor augments the strength of these muscles aiding in urination and ejaculation. 

  •  Counselling or psychological treatment

 Due to the social stigma and self esteem attached to the problem the people don’t want to talk and communicate about the feelings experienced. It results in anxiety.

By confronting and resolving the wrong notions in the mind a mirage set  of solutions open up which are very well possible with great success. It is important to acknowledge and discuss ED. Rectifying the causes and curing the trouble increases the self confidence.

Counselling through therapists helps to uncover the causes and inhibitions. They bring awareness and let the person comprehend the situation. This boosts self esteem to face the society.

  •  Medications

Various medicinal prescriptions are present now-a-days that can greatly aid with ED. The performance of drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra is well known. These increases the blood flow to the penis and help to attain an erection.

Moreover, ED is a precursor to many physical complications such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and neurological diseases. Medicines as prescribed by doctors to cure the above diseases. This  in turn, helps to rectify the erectile function. 

Many times, medications prescribed hamper the state of ED for e.g. blood pressure medicines etc..You can tell your doctor to change the medicine if you feel it is worsening your ED. Alternate medicines are often available.

  • Vacuum devices

In this, mechanical vacuum devices produce an erection in men. An empty cylindrical shaped tube which is placed on the genital. It is generally battery or manually operated. A vacuum is created in the tube by removing the air which helps in blood flow in the penis causing an erection. A ring helps to prevent the blood from leaving the penis. After the intercourse, the ring is removed. 

  • Surgical treatments

As a last resort when the medications and natural ways are not proving to be  fruitful than doctor might recommend surgical treatments. In this procedure, a device implant helps to enable immediate erection. The implants may either be inflatable rods or semi-rigid rods. Effectiveness of surgery can be gauged by the rate of complications which is less than 5 percent i.e. minimal.


Some people feel exasperated about ED. Remember: this condition is treatable. ED is very common and can usually be countered by using natural remedies or medications.

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