Why we should consult sexologists for a healthy sexual life

What are sexologists?

Sexologists are also doctors. They are specialized in the science of the sexes. They are equipped with the knowledge of sexual health, behavior, interests, and disorders. These are linked with various psychological, physical, social and biological factors of life.


How can people remain healthy and sexually fit? Things that come to mind are as follows:

  • Eating a balanced diet: A balanced diet is one in which all the nutrients and supplements are in proportion to the needs of the body.


  • Doing exercise: Exercise is a precursor to a healthy life. Doing exercises like walking, jogging, strength training, practicing yoga, doing breathing exercises and meditation help rejuvenate the mind and the body.


  • Being positive: Stress is a major factor in our day-to-day life. This deteriorates the health of the body which leads to the excretion of stress hormones i.e. cortisol. It leads to the physiological and psychological malfunctioning in the body. Embracing positivity reduces mental tensions and increases the levels of happiness.


  • Seeing a Doctor: Apart from doing exercises and eating a balanced healthy diet, still you can get sick and feel ill. Sickness is when there is a disorder in the body which leads to an ailing state. We visit a doctor and get thoroughly checked up and take medicines as advised by the medical practitioner.


Doctors are specialists who have studied and are qualified in the science of the body and the brain of the human being. They are equipped to heal the ailing human anatomy by diagnosing and treating the illness within the mortal framework. There are various fields of specializations for the doctors.


Is sexologists a must?

When a person is physically ill? The individual is lying on a bed in a bad state and there is a restriction of movement as well. To get well he/she has to go see a doctor of concerned disorder and do as prescribed by the specialist. Health is the birthright of every person on the planet. Likewise is the scenario in the case of sexual health.


For a healthy married life, enjoying sex is a must. In marriage; two souls are bonded forever in an intimate as well as a spiritual relationship.


Don’t be a bore in the bed and be a sport. This can further depend on various issues in life:

  • Lower Libido: Has sex become a chore in your life? Are you okay with it? Have you lost interest in your desires craving for it?


  • Sexual abuse and trauma: In India, we have a convective and an orthodox outlook on sex. In life, there come times when at an adolescent age the kids are sexually abused which results in a deeply distressing and disturbing mental experience for them. These events are not discussed and are shut down deep in the haunted memories due to the social pressure and fear of maligning of the social prestige of the family concerned.


  • Stress and anxiety: Every day is set with a hectic schedule of To-do-list which never ends. We are so consumed in our lives thinking about the future, kids, career, and whatnot that the love life takes a back seat. Try to take a time out and fix a “sex” date with your better half.


  • Poor body image: The physical appearance of a person should be a healthier one. Exercise gives confidence by looking leaner and fitter in shape.


  • Lower communication: Communication produces a healthy and satisfying married life. It is a key to understanding one another about “What are the expectations and desires of one partner for the other?”


  • False beliefs: Traditional India is not open to talking about sex. It is taboo. The youth is rendered with false knowledge and misconceptions from unreliable sources and misinformation.


  • Sexual problems: All the above factors can also be due to the following malfunctions in the body:

In males,

  • Erectile dysfunction: This is a state in which difficulty arises in keeping an erection or to get one.
  • Premature ejaculation: In this condition, the person reaches orgasm very quickly.
  • Delayed ejaculation: In this situation, the person arrives at orgasm very slowly
  • Size of penis: In men, the penis size issues are concerned with their intensity of maleness. There are a lot of inhibitions and myths related to size.
  • Infertility: It depends on the sperm count in the semen.


In Females,

  • Pain during intercourse: There is a lot of pain during intercourse. It can be due to infections, cysts, scars, etc. and even due to insufficient lubrication.
  • Anorgasmia: This is a condition in which there is trouble reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse.


The above causes result in physiological and psychological traumas which are detrimental for a long and never-ending sexual bond in relationships.


Sexologists are also sex therapists. Sex therapy might sound scary but sex therapist is licensed and trained about a variety of sexual health issues. Sexologists assess your situation by asking questions to understand what the factors are causing your sexual concerns.


They help both partners to:

  • Be frank with each other,
  • Feel comfortable to talk,
  • Know the problem within,
  • Cure the malfunctions in the body.


With the help of:

  • Therapy sessions,
  • Sex education,
  • Mending of incorrect beliefs,
  • Increasing communication levels between the partners,
  • Comprehensive care,
  • Through medicines.


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