Sex Education: A TABOO!

Sex Education

Sex Education is the process of imparting knowledge about the science of sexual intercourse between humans. It is also first-hand authentic information regarding sexual awareness. It is not only about personal hygiene but also a health education for the masses so that they can lead a healthy life by being sexually aware of their bodies.


Outlook on Sex in Different Ages:

Ancient times

In ancient times, the society was very open-minded. In Mahabharata, there are many instances relating to the topic. In our ancient verses it is mentioned that Pandu was warned against mating with a woman. And as the events folded he was consumed when he had intercourse with Madri. Vichitravirya was a younger sibling of king Chintrangada. Like his brother he also departed his soul childless.  Then their half-brother, Sage Vyasa performed a niyoga with his wives. Then Dhritrashtra and Pandu were born.

Vatsayana wrote an ancient hindi text: The Kama Sutra. This book is the most famous and the oldest surviving beautiful work on the art of love and sex.

In Hindu temples and caves from the medieval era, like Konark, Khajuraho, etc., you will find the pictures of nudity and sex. Khajuraho temple in Madhya Pradesh is a UNESCO world heritage site.

A traditional Hindu is conceptualized with four goals of life i.e. Dharma, Kama, Along with Artha and Moksha as part of liberation. Kama is often mistaken by the european people as ‘sex’.


British Era

When did our society change to a conservative one?  In the European colonial British rule, the British wanted to rule over the people by forcing their behaviour and mindset on human beings. Thus began the transformation in Indian society.

The Britishers came to India; they were orthodox in their approach. They were horrified by Indian values and openness on kama i.e. sex. They thought themselves to be highly civilized.

Indians worship the Shiva Linga. But they mocked our practices and beliefs to be vulgar and uncivilized as they considered the sculpture to resemble the male part. The British rule has ended but their ideologies are still imbibed in the system.


Present Scenario


India has a traditional and old outlook on sex and nudity nowadays. 

Talk about sex is: Prohibited!!!!

Our ancestors were open about sexual awareness. But now days, people are not open to talking about sex. People who are talking about it considered as lewd and obscene.

Sex is not a thing of discussion. Anybody discussing such things is a bad company should be avoided. Sex education should be imparted but parents turn a blind eye to the questions of the teenagers and try to shut them up. Talking about sex is a taboo. Sex is a big secret in India.

The information about sex is classified and is unknown. Having knowledge about things is desirable but Ignorance hinders change. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So the taboo is very detrimental. Still, we don’t want to shun our inhibitions.


Million dollar question: How the youth was born?

Now, a question arises in my mind, “How the youth of the nation was born”? How India is the second-most populous country in the world? Due to this science, the parents had their siblings. Is it not the truth?


Indian population

India accounts for roughly 17.5% of the world population.


Staggering birth rate

Every minute in India roughly 34 births are registered. Every hour goes up to around 2062 births. And approximately 49481 births per day! Reproduction in India is going at a staggering rate but still, the society is not open to talking about sexual awareness.


The Plight of Youth: Confusion

Isn't it normal in youth that their hormones are changing and the physical appearance is changing?  There are a lot of questions in his/her minds which should be answered. There are curiousness and anxiety in the bodies.

They are confused a lot. Their confusion should be answered. To get the solutions to the problem to whom they should ask and open up.


Youth is in Dilemma: How to become Sexually Aware

Ours is a 21st-century progressive country and times are changing rapidly. The parents don't understand the mind of youth is willing to consider and embark on a new era filled with lots and lots of ideas. They are on a journey of their own. Sex can no longer be hidden. There are endless resources giving information about the secret science. The internet is everywhere. It is omnipresent.

Sex education/awareness is essential rather than having misinformation and indulging in unsafe sex for the sake of unveiling the secrets of sex. The innocence of youth is going to be destroyed. It is a fact that more and more teens these days are engaging in premarital sex. The curiosity and anxiety with in the bodies of the sexes lead to such steps.


Harmful Effects

  • Girls are sexually abused.
  • Small children are sexually abused. They are not informed about what is a safe touch and unsafe touch.
  • The people are illiterate and don't have any sexual awareness. Moreover, this is also a major reason for the increasing population in India.
  • The lack of sex education has led and will lead to minor rapes,
  • Teenage pregnancies,
  • Unprotected sex
  • High-risk behavior
  • Absence of knowledge leading to confusion in the mind of youth,
  • STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases),
  • HIV / AIDS



  1. It is important for humans to reproduce and have offspring.
  2. Through sex education, youth will have first-hand authentic information regarding sex and not through friends, media, internet, television and mobile phones. The problem with the above sources is that they are not reliable and often misconceptions and misinformation are nurtured into the minds of the younger generation.
  3. Children through sex education should be given the basic knowledge about what are a safe touch and an unsafe touch.
  4. It is a fact that more and more teens these days are engaging in premarital sex. This further underscores the need for sex education to students. This will help them make better-informed decisions about their personal sexual activities.
  5. The harmful effects of lack of sexual awareness can be tackled by properly educating children on these topics.


Things to be done: 

  • Mindsets have to be changed. Sex education is certainly not a TABOO!!!!
  • Open up with your parents, sexologist doctors and teachers.
  • Be frank and don’t shy away. Be supportive to the kids and help them in their hour of need!!!!!!
  • It must be imparted at the schools and colleges to all students to avoid the above problems. It should be made a mandatory part of the curriculum.
  • Use of Condoms for safe sex and people who want protection against STDs and HIV/AIDS.
  • Sex education is given by specially trained instructors, sexologists and teachers.
  • The govt. should come out with campaigns, rallies, etc. to impart sexual awareness among the youth.

In the backward and rural areas, government initiatives are a must. In these areas, Government initiatives for campaigns and rallies are a must to make people sexually aware.

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