How Social Media Creates Loneliness and Depression

Social media as all of us know comprises of mainly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. which have crept into our lives and is associated with the people in every possible way. All Social platforms help us to connect with lots of people and make many friends, Share lots of photos, chat with friends and are socially available either through mobile applications or websites.

Social media provides social identity

The media platform gives us an identity. We can add our childhood companions, classmates, seniors, college-mates, workmates, business friends and family friends on our lists in our profile through their consent.

The adolescents and teenagers are more crazily attached with this media. They write posts and share edited photos of their personal lives and go online. Everyone projects to be living a larger than life style and happily wants to attain a celebrity status.

How it helps?

The social network is perceived as the most fundamental technology. It is vital for success in the 21st century. It creates an identity of the human on the web. Without this medium, we can’t link with others and are considered as outdated and uncompetitive in this society.

This renders the individuals to be incognito and there is no direct physical confrontation between the people. This can lead to helpful social behaviour and friends’ formation online.

The social connect through this platform is mind boggling. Everyone in our circle is a touch away. In this era of networks we are always socially present and are a click away from being available.

Why it creates loneliness and depression?

The social media has become part and parcel of our lives. Then what are the problems which are coming out through the media?

Now everyone is scrolling up and down in the media for hours. They are curious about the life of other people. On this platform the world is fed with a curated content when we login. The photos of various celebrities are uploaded after having special photoshoots and editing.

Following are the reasons, which show how it creates virtual loneliness and depression within us.

Fake or original

The profile ids are not 100% original. The personal information shared is not authentic and is given with a goal to look nice and beautiful. Many a times the profile photos shared are not genuine. A rosy picture of self is portrayed. This network is rosy and imaginary.

Social comparison

Here the problem generates. People start social comparison. After comparing we feel that the circles of so called friends are living a better life. The notions in our mind start creeping up that everyone is better off than us.

Highly addictive

The youth adults are highly devoted to the internet use. They are spending hours on the web. According to me, social media is a source of entertainment. According to reports, a lot of ATTENTION engineers are hired to make it as lucrative and as addictive as possible.

Fear of disconnection

In various studies, it is found that the persons devoting lots of time on social media are more prone to loneliness. To alienate from loneliness they surf highly on internet to stay connected. When the youth is surfing heavily they are not physically present at other tasks at hand. There is no physical connection with the world. On disconnection of the web they are lonely and it leads to depression. They feel that,” If I am not there I will Disappear”.


How many times, you check your mobile phones for status updates, latest posts and photos of others?  When you share your posts and pictures you are curious about how many likes and comments are posted?

For years, it has been proved that for success concentration is a must. But can today’s youth concentrate? They are lost in today’s times as they are addicted to this medium. They can’t accomplish bigger feats and be successful. This distraction also affects them mentally. Leaving them unhealthy for their lives with loneliness and depression.

Disconnect and be free  

This medium is not a fundamental technology. This technology is based on many other fundamental technologies. In this network you are entangled by the shiny tweets and posts and your personal data is packaged and sold.

You have to take a stance! And DISCONNECT and if disconnection is not possible you have to restrict your web usage and come in terms with the physical world.

The studies show that restriction of internet usage helps a lot in reduction of loneliness and depression. Be realistic in life. Social media can only be helpful for e.g. can it perform operations performed by the doctors or law arguments given by lawyers to win cases? Can it execute scientific researches and experiments done by scientists?

Dr. Satinder SinghHow Social Media Creates Loneliness and Depression

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