Exhaust yourself for a healthy sexual life

Are you leading a healthy sexual life or need a sexologist help? Are you in shape? Getting in shape will drastically improve your libido and it ensures perfect overall health.

Are you becoming boring in bed? We unravel in front of you the secret behind complete satisfaction in your love life!

Being fitter and leaner is the mantra of success.


Burn some calories, exhaust yourself!

To remain fitter in our day-to-day life we have to follow a stricter fitness regime. About 20-30 minutes of brisk walking is the most helpful. There are various forms of exercises like:


  1. Brisk walking: Is a walking with a purpose to look leaner. About 20-30 minutes of walking in the morning in the laps of nature will suffice. It also works as a stress buster. The body is filled with natural and fresh air having the abundant fragrances of nature.


  1. Practice Yoga: According to me, Yoga is a way of relieving the mind, body and soul of the tensions of life and become equipped to face life with a positive attitude doing yogic physical exercises and deep breathing exercises.


  1. Meditation: In today’s world everyone is running in a mad race. Life is stressed and is under tremendous pressure for survival. Mental stress proves fatal for you which can be countered doing meditation. Meditation is a state of mind where you have to think about nothing and be with your mind and soul.


  1. Cardiovascular exercises: These are also called Aerobic exercises. Through these exercises lots of oxygen and calories are   burnt. For e.g.
  • cycling,
  • Skipping,
  • Jumping,
  • Long distance running.


Exercise aids


Increased blood flow: When the body works out regularly, this increases the blood flow all over the body. Better circulation of blood reaches to the sexual parts resulting in magnified sense of pleasure.


Balances Hormone levels: The fatter you are then more infertile you are. Being unhealthy your levels of estrogen increases and levels of testosterone decreases which deteriorates the libido. Exercising raises testosterone levels in turn improves the lifestyle. Improves the sperm count causing higher fertility rate. This eradicates various problems:

  1. Infertility
  2. Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  3. Premature ejaculation
  4. Delayed ejaculation


Improves stamina and flexibility: Strength training and aerobic exercises tone up the muscles and produces the flexibility in the body. It elevates the endurance levels improving the lengths of time trying various positions and holding them without cramping the muscles.


Confidence: How comfortable are you with your body? Are you having inhibitions about,” How will you look when you are naked? If you don’t feel good about your body then it works as a deterrent for you to be present in the moment and enjoy the moment. Working out tones the body and exudes confidence. Confidence rules the world.  Realistic goals should be set while expecting, “how your body should look?” Remember, actors and actresses are highly paid for their looks. So, they can exercise the whole day to look leaner and fitter. Don’t be tough on yourself.


Calories burnt: Sweating out calories in the gym or at your home aids in physical as well as psychological transformation together. The fat in the belly has led to many medical health problems as follows:


Working out keeps the body healthy and ushers the heart into the best healthier state possible. The above problems are major risk factors for heart disease. Burning calories keeps the heart malfunctions at bay giving a long and fulfilling sexual life.


Avoid these things


Smoking: Smoking is injurious to health. It kills. Tobacco produces a negative impact on the blood flow in the body which reduces the sexual desire and even causes ED


Alcohol and caffeine: In an inebriated state, the effect of  having alcohol and chlorinated drinks, gives way to irrational decisions and unsafe sex leading to STDs, HIV/ AIDS, depression and unwanted pregnancies. However, the effect of alcohol and caffeine on the hormone levels is still a debatable issue.


Don’t overdo it: Exercising is good for health. But overdoing it also hurts your body. Reports suggest that normal workouts are good for levels of testosterone but fretting out in the gym or overdoing it stresses the body decreasing the levels. Limit your stress overdoing it.


Don’t stress out:  Get a grasp of yourself and be stress free. You are not alone in the race. Take time out from your hectic schedule and feel liberated. Straining will increase the stress hormones i.e. cortisol and female hormones i.e. estrogen in the body.


Relax your mind: All the body functions are performed on the command of our brain. It controls all our conscious and unconscious behaviors. Brain is a super computer which is still a puzzle for doctors in many domains of life. Happier is the mind, healthier is the body. The Fitter body is ready to enjoy all the pleasures of the world.


Working out renders lots of amazing health benefits and in exchange delivers a sexually fulfilling human existence mentally and physically.

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