Infertility Ayurvedic Treatment

Sterility is a very big problem and many couples suffer from it. There are so many couples who suffer from this problem and cannot raise their family. Marriage means raising your own family and if one of the partners is infertile then problem arises.

There are many ways to treat this problem such as, the usual medical treatment and the ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic is ancient and time tested treatment for infertility. We must delve into the causes of sterility. One should not fear but must go for medical treatment. You should not feel disgraced or dishonored but must opt for medical intervention. As per Ayurveda, sterility happens if a person’s reproductive tissue lacks nutritious diet. It can also happen due to poor digestion. There are other causes for infertility. If you visit an Ayurveda doctor, he will study your lifestyle properly before diagnose.

After getting satisfied then he will treat you. Ayurvedic treatment for sterility ensures that correct nutritious food should be taken which can activate the reproductive tissues. They take certain steps which helps the reproductive tissues to become active. They are as follows.

  1. Swedanam

This method is used to encourage sweating for person’s suffering from sterility. Sweating can be increased by strenuous exercises. Sweating flushes out toxins from the body.

  1. Vamanam

This method is used for detoxing the body by making the patient to vomit so that the undigested food is thrown out of the body. This is an uncomfortable Ayurvedic therapy but it is applied on the patients suffering from infertility.

  1. Banyan Tree Bark

The Ayurveda doctor prescribes use of dried powder of banyan tree bark. The banyan tree bark powder is mixed with sugar and then it should be consumed by the patient. This according to Ayurvedic treatment helps to treat sterility problems.

  1. Ashwagandha Churna and Kapikacchu

These two Ayurvedic medicines are known to enhance the sperm count and improve the quality of the sperm.

  1. Phala Gritam

It is an Ayurvedic medicine to treat the infertility of females. It is mixed with butter and milk and the woman should consume it. The medicine is considered to treat functional problems but it does not treat structural insufficiencies.

  1. Guduchi, Gokshura, and Triphala Churna

The above three medicines are used to clear the obstructions in the body which hinder the production tissues.

  1. Shatavari

This Ayurvedic medicine is particularly for females to cure infertility.

The Ayurveda doctor will prescribe diet to deal with infertility. A person who is suffering from sterility should follow a strict diet pattern. The doctor shall advice his patient to avoid spicy and salty food. Ayurveda doctor will prescribe his patient to eat more fresh vegetables, almonds, whole grains, to take more dairy products such as milk, dried fruits and fresh fruits. The food pattern provides more nutrition to the reproductive tissues and assists the patient to conceive easily.

Person suffering from infertility becomes helpless and hapless but Ayurvedic medicines provides ray of hope to them. Therefore, do not detest this ancient form of infertility treatment but rather accept it and give a serious try. This is an ancient form of infertility treatment created by wise persons of those days. It may assist you to become pregnant. Give a serious try it may solve your problem.

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