Ayurvedic Ways to Increase Sperm Count

The topic of male infertility gets quite as rampant as female infertility. Many a times, you might have heard people saying that women who don’t get well do come across infertility issues. However, child bearing issues do not alone lie within women. There are so many men today who are undergoing infertility issues.

One of the chief issues is sperm count in men and this could happen without them even being aware of it. Although, thankfully there are some very effective Ayurvedic and natural remedies through which you will be able to increase quantity of sperm within yourself.

If you are working towards growing sperm quantity then we have mentioned below a few effective ways to do so.

You need to bring down the frequency of masturbation and sex

 First things first, you have to understand one thing that the more times one ejaculates, they will lessen the tendency of the sperm to be denser. This is why make sure that between two consecutive ejaculations, you need to maintain a gap of at least three days. There is no doubt that in doing so, you will be able to positively deal from issues such as loss of lobido and improve your sexual life too. Always remember that during the morning time, the density of sperms is the highest.

You have to leave behind bad habits such as intake of alcohol and smoking

 You must be aware of the fact that alcohol does lay a huge role when it comes to damaging your liver. However, were you even aware of the fact that it does also at a very high rate rise ones level of estrogen? Even when you intake about two drinks a day, it will drastically affect production of sperm. Thus, refraining from such habits will prove to be beneficial when it comes to increasing the release of sperm.

Start leading an active life anytime soon

 When you start to exercise and pay attention towards your PC muscle, you will notice the improvement of sperm production at a much faster rate. Try it and notice the difference!

Eating healthy again is so much important

 Always remember that you need to start paying attention towards what you’re feeding yourself with. Your diet needs to be high in protein, with lots of whole grains and veggies, and should have low fat intake. It’s always good to keep away from spicy, bitter and astringent foods. Also decrease the intake of caffeine.

Ensure that the testicles do not get overheated

 Always wear boxers and shorts that are comfortable. It is always preferable to wear cotton ones. Saunas and hot baths would not do much good to your testicles as they are not subjected to heat.

Try Abhayanga or massage

 It would be quite effective when you start massaging your body with Ayurvedic herbal oil, one of it being ksheerabala. This oil is known to be quite effective when it comes to increasing productivity of sperm and for increasing blood circulation.

Safed Musli

 You can take Ayurvedic herbs as they are also quite effective in this area. For instance, Safed Musli has been well known helping one towards increasing sperm count drastically. In fact it also helps one towards increasing their sexual stamina.


 You must also try Shilajit which is known to be a resin which is found in the higher regions of Himalaya. It has been tested and proved that it does effectively help to grow ones sperm productivity level. It also bears tons of anti ageing character. This is why a man feels rejuvenated and will be able to enjoy sex for a loner time period.

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