Male Infertility Symptoms and Ayurveda treatment

Sexual weakness as well as issues related to male infertility is on the rise. This is quite a thought-provoking problem as so many couples are unable in the present day to conceive. Infertility happens when a couple is not being able to conceive a child even while they have unprotected sex for more than a year. Such cases are becoming a recurrent problem in several men nowadays.

The common symptoms of infertility in men

Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and infertility in men are getting more and more common now. The most common symptom of infertility issues in men is something that would not be visible by naked eyes. But some of the frequently reported issues are sperms being abnormal, count of sperm very low, also sperms not being active. Some tests are needed to be done so that the actual reason for infertility can be acquired medically.

Make sure to visit a sex specialist at the earliest when you sense such issues happening with you as well. Yet there are several solutions that you can resort to heal and find a solution to such an issue in men. As you know Ayurveda has been here for ages and has been able to come out with the solution to several kinds of health-related issues. You can start with Ayurveda medicines or herbs as it works wonderfully towards decreasing infertility issues in men.

Below we have mentioned about a few of the Ayurveda medicines which have been used for ages to treat male infertility problems.


This is an ancient medicine that is effective in treating several kinds of health issues, infertility being the chief one. It has been proven to boost the sexual drive in men. In short, it’s very useful in promoting one’s reproductive health. Not only has it worked towards increasing the count of sperm but also its motility rate. It helps to distress one and release anxiety which again is one of the main problems that give rise to infertility in men. It stimulates and helps circulate blood all across the body.

Asparagus racemosus also known as Shatavari

For such a case, this medicine works wonders in men. It ensures that the heat of the body gets well balanced. This leads to the formation of sperm in the required condition. It helps you to release stress, ward of anger issues, and irritability. Yet it’s been advised by medical care experts to not consume it if someone has respiratory congestion.

Mucunapruriens aka Kapikacchu

Again, another medicine that does help with the infertility problem in men. It works towards producing more sperm in the body as well as enhancing its motility. It works towards building more vitamins in the system which is required for maintaining fertility in men.


This medicine has been known to treat several urology-related issues as well as infertility for both men and women. It works well for patients who are suffering from impotency, helps to release anxiety while they are sleeping. It helps prevent the loss of seminal fluid. It’s been useful for treating UTI infection, incontinence problems, and treat kidney stones too. This proves that it is useful for treating a wide array of ailments.

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