Early Ejaculation – Causes and Tips To Prevent It

What is Early Ejaculation?

Also known as Premature Ejaculation (PE), Early Ejaculation is a problem where men finish after a minute or even before the intercourse. It is a common issue in 30% to 40% of men living in India so it is safe to say that there is no need to worry about it.

This problem happens in men who have low levels of chemical serotonin in their brains and hence they ejaculate earlier than they or their partner wishes to. There can be numerous reasons for this problem circumscribing psychological and biological factors that we shall discuss in this article.

Psychological Reasons:

When the problem is in your head, then we call it a psychological problem which includes stress, depression, and anxiety which can be about various things.

This shall also include some relationship problems that might be prevailing in your life or even lack of confidence because of your poor body image in your head.

Also, if you have some sort of guilt or have concern over your sexual performance, that also causes of quick release of sperm.

Biological Reasons:

Biological factors are totally related to the science of your body which begins with your hormone levels.

In case your testorone, oxytocin, luteinizing hormone (LH), prolactin or thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level is unusual, then the first problem that you will experince during a sexual experience is premature or early ejaculation.

Besides this, an inflammation or infection in your prostate or urethra can also be a major cause of PE.

This section also includes the fact that genetic traits are also responsible for the same. So, in case premature ejaculation was an issue with your ancestors then there are high chances that you can also inherit it from your father.

In case you find that your penis is extra sensitive to stimulation, then too you can ejaculate way before you would want to.

How can I stop sperm from coming early?

Once you recognise your issue as premature ejaculation, you should consider contacting a doctor who can help you figure out the core reason for your problem and who can eventually offer you a good cure.

Dr. Satinder Singh, MD(AM) F.R.H.S. (Consultant for Sex and VD) has seen many such problems and helped people overcome the same. So, if you are looking for a good doctor then your search ends here as you can contact him at +91-9416534999 and +91-9467015252 or you can write to him and his team at

While you seek an answer to how to delay ejaculation, the doctor might ask you some personal questions which you should be ready for. The doctor would want to know how long this problem has been there or how often it occurs as well as the circumstances that it occurs in and many more.

How to cure PE permanently?

There can be three major ways to cure premature ejaculation that we shall discuss in brief below.

Behavioral Therapy

The first thing that the doctor suggests is behavioral therapy which helps you change your patterns and behaviour. You would be suggested to stimulate your penis and then squeeze it for 30 seconds before you ejaculate. This way you can slowly increase your timing in bed.

You can be asked to distract yourself while you feel like ejaculating so that you can stay a little longer than usual.

However, if the problem is psychological like stress and anxiety, then you would be suggested to visit a counselor or psychologist who can help you brew your feelings out and deal with them.


In case the above mentioned things do not work, then you would be put on medication. There are different medications for different conditions and only a doctor can correctly prescribe you for the same.


In case you have been suffering from premature ejaculation or early ejaculation, it is always a good idea to get a consultation with a doctor. Also, you can try using a condom to reduce your sensitivity which might help you last longer otherwise you have one of the best doctors at your

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