Best Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation

There are so many terms that are linked to our body, which we simply hate to get linked to. And yes, we have to admit that premature ejaculation is definitely one of them. This ailment is commonly associated with uncontrolled ejaculation, which happens maybe before or shortly during sexual penetration. This particular ailment happens when the presence of sexual stimuli is very less in one.

There is no doubt about this that this ailment can arise negative feelings, depression and anxiousness, both for the male and female. In case you are a man and are undergoing such a problem, then you must start to resort to home remedies.

Below we have mentioned about home remedies and superfoods which will be helpful towards reducing and curing this issue:


Green Onion

Green onions have seeds that are known to be aphrodisiac. This is why it works towards resolving the issue of premature ejaculation in the case of men. When one consumes the seeds, it tends to increase one’s stamina and overall level of resilience. You need to mix the seeds with water. Also, make sure that you start to consume it for three times per day. You could also at the same time start with the consumption of white onions. These help to give you strength and improve the functioning of reproductive organs.



This is known to be a magical Ayurvedic (Indian) herb which has so far been quite effective towards treating men with sexual related issues. It has been proven to increase sexual drive in one’s system. It also provides the ability in men to improve their ejaculation. At the same time, it works towards extending one’s time during sexual intercourse. This herb has been quite useful for growing the stamina in men. At the same time, men with issues of erectile dysfunction have been using this herb and noticed considerable success.

Ginger and Honey

When you consume ginger regularly, it helps you with blood circulation. This, in turn, helps the blood to flow to the penile muscles. This way man gets to have way better and improved control over sexual ejaculation. It also helps one to retain ejaculation too. If you have it along with honey, it would help to prolong the effect. This is why make sure to get regular with it. Also, consume it before you head to bed.



Garlic possesses aphrodisiac properties. This is the reason why it will be useful for you to lengthen and prolong your sexual activities without having to undergo ejaculating impulsively. You can also consume clove as it contains anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It also does end up heating up the body and increase copulation. You could either eat it in the raw state or roast it and then consume it in the morning. Make sure you do so in an empty stomach.



The roots of Asparagus do help you to get over with the problem of premature ejaculation. When it comes to preparing it, make sure that you boil the roots of this plant in milk. After doing so, consume it, twice per day. This will help you to have control over your penile muscles in a considerable way.

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