Why sex is necessary for a successful marriage?

Marriage is one of beautiful thing in anyone’s life till you taste the ugly part. No doubt it is stiff. As I said it is stiff, then the question arise what makes it stiff. You know very well, you are no freer to do things on your own. After marriage you are not all on your own, you have someone to take care of. Your partner’s life depend on you so, each decision you take matter. You can’t leave anything just like that. Life has responsibility with marriage it is added. Life can’t be same after marriage as it used to be. No regular party, no late night fun because there is someone waiting for you way back home.

Just like coin (which has two sides), there are good parts of marriage too. You are no longer alone, you have someone to talk. You can talk freely on anything in this world. As you start communicating with your partner you start sharing thing. You start building an emotional connect which is necessary for this long life. Life is journey, like any other journey it has destination. In this long journey we all need a company which your partner will provide you. Don’t forget the best part “Sex”. Sex you can have any time and of course may times. Sex is necessary for successful marriage.

Your sex life directly impacts your marriage. Both are directly proportional to each other. We can’t ignore the fact that it rekindle and rejuvenate you. Lack of intimacy will further create problem. There might be chances where both of you start disrespecting each other needs. Apart from sex there are other things too which is necessary for a healthy relationship but it is not denial how much it help in connecting emotionally. In case you are not able to have good sex life because of any sexual problems, this is the time to consult a good sexologist. Sexologist will not only help you in getting rid of sexual disease like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction but will also help you in getting back your lost sexual desire.

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Dr. Satinder SinghWhy sex is necessary for a successful marriage?

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