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Fitness and Sexual Life: People are more aware about their fitness and sexual life in the cities as well as small towns. Everybody works hard and motivates his or her body to exercise regularly, walking , gyming , dieting but very less population is trying to cure their sexual problems. Even  well educated , high society people hesitate to discuss their sexual and casual fitness with any body. They are afraid of even discussing their sexual problems with their partners.


You just need to get out of your worries and depression and   talk to the right Sexologist/Sexspecialist. Problems like         Night fall, Early discharge(Premature ejaculation),Erectile   dysfunction(Erection problems),Nil or low sperm count,       loss of libido, Interest towards same sex are the common     sex problems.

Very rarely anybody knows that sexual Problems start           from our ill fit body, our bad eating habits, Bad personal       hygiene, malpractice of sex (Masturbation, multiple               sexual partners etc.), diseases such as Diabetes,                       Hypertension, Depression, traumatic Injury, Problems of     genitals by birth.

Firstly fitness is directly related to sexual life as a person is not fit physically he cannot enjoy his sexual life properly which can be improved by regular gyming, exercise, dieting, if overweight then by reducing the extra weight, if diabetic then following the diabetic diet and avoiding oily,fried ,sweet foods and contact the sexologist for the further cure of sexual problems.

Healthy diet helps you to keep you physically fit as well as sexually fit. A good sexologist will provide you with the diet chart for increasing your sexual power. This diet includes milk and milk products like Tofu, Soya milk, Boilled egg white , green vegetable salad and soups, sprouts Ayurvedic herbs like Amla,Musli, shatavari, Talamkhana etc. Diet to be avoided is non veg diet, fast food/junk food, alcohol ,smoking , tobacoo chewing .

For the proper diet chart according to your body and sexual problem can be given by your sexologist Doctor will advise you to exercise and follow the diet for your physique as well as sexual life. You just need to talk to Our Sexologist on call about your problem at our Empire Clinics available in Ambala City and you will get your solution after the consultation. Medicine, Diet chat and exercise regime will be sent to you at your doorstep if needed. Our Sexologist in Ambala is Dr. Satinder Singh. For female patients we have a team of Female doctors too.

We know, there is stigma attached to sexual problems. This is the reason we have come with an online sexual health consultation solution.  You can drop us mail us or can call us on these numbers.

Our contact numbers are 0091  941653499, 0091 9467015252.

We respond to each client’s email or call within 24 hours.

We shall certainly help you.

We wish you a healthy Physical and sexual life.

Dr. Satinder SinghOnline Sexual Health Consultation

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