Why Is The Need of Foreplay So Important For A Couple?

Harmonious marriage relationship is very important between married couples. This can be achieved due to mutual understanding and agreement. Sex plays an important role in uniting the couples. Lack of sexual desires and incompetent sex drive can ruin marriage relationships.

To steer away from lack of desires, try to enhance activities such as foreplay with your partner. It is necessary to make your partner ready for a strong session of sexual intercourse. It has become an essential part of lovemaking. Foreplay makes your partner sexually ready for a nice sexual intercourse pleasure. Unprepared sexual intercourse without prior foreplay can lead to disastrous encounters. You must prepare your wife for a smooth sexual intercourse.

Women love foreplay to encounter a good sexual experience. Most women will agree with this as they expect their husband to explore their body sexually before sexual intercourse. An attentive foreplay will enhance lovemaking more enjoyable. A woman expects her husband to be well experienced in the foreplay act. Foreplay can spice up your sex life. As we age, our sexual drive gets weaker and it needs to be spiced up. This will arouse and attain the maximum sexual pleasure. The male should learn the importance of foreplay. He needs to prolong the foreplay so that he attains a strong erection and the female gets properly lubricated. Once you achieve this, it’s time for you to engage in sexual intercourse with your partner.

What Is Foreplay?

Foreplay includes wide choice of activities. Some of the activities are fondling, undressing, hugging, petting, kissing and also performing oral sex. Cuddling and kissing your partner will make you enjoy sensitive foreplay. This will arouse your partner’s sexual feelings to a very high extent. It will help your partner to enjoy sexual intercourse more and you both will have a strong orgasm easily. Women in general, needs prolonged stimulation so that she can reach a high state of sexual arousal. Thus, foreplay assists in accomplishing this desire.

No Ultimate Foreplay

There is no such thing as ultimate foreplay. It is sheer understanding which can make your partner sexually aroused and achieve a strong and pleasurable orgasm. All women are not same in nature. Some may get off mood if kissed lightly over their necks while some love oral sex. You must understand what your wife loves and do things according to her fancy. But remember that all women loves sexual stimulation and it all starts from the brain.

When the brain is sexually excited then you and your partner will love all kinds of sex games before indulging into sexual intercourse. Women love flattery so describe her body as a very sexy body and praise her beauty. Such compliments increase her confidence level and will excite her sexually. Your physical sexual stimulation will increase her sexual desires.

Setting the Mood

Foreplay sets the mood and creates correct environment for a nice sexual intercourse. Setting sexual mood is very essential at mature stages in marriage relationships. Mood setting is done by keeping the room dimly lit and keeping the bed sheets clean. Try to keep the room warm and cozy.

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