Tips To Avoid Premature Ejaculation – Occasionally Skip Sex after Foreplay

In every five men, one man suffers from the embarrassing sexual issue of premature ejaculation. Within a few minutes, while having sex, men suffering from this syndrome ejaculate quickly causing to a deep agony of the partner who may not have reached the climax yet. Often this issue causes various anxieties among couples and marriages can be at stake. But with proper diagnosis, exercise, therapies, and medication premature ejaculation can be cured.

Here are some tips shared to avoid the issue of premature ejaculation—

Concentrate on Foreplay

Often the issue of premature ejaculation is a matter of psychological blockage. Thus, many sexologists this is a “frame of mind” that often make you get tensed and lead to ejaculate much before time. Therefore, opt for foreplay which is also a great way to satisfy your partner and to get satisfied too. With oral, manual, and by toying you and your partner can have prolonged, attentive and intimate sexual experience instead of intercourse.

Mostly, satisfactory foreplay ends with both male and female ejaculation. Thus, no need of intercourse is required. If you have a tendency to ejaculate prematurely, you should concentrate more on intimate foreplay. Even if you have intercourse after that, you don’t have to worry about the quick ejaculation. If your partner is sensible he/she will understand you.

Practice and Concentrate on your orgasm

Before entering the bed with your partner, you can explore your sexual capabilities beforehand. It is strongly suggested that by masturbating you should see how long you can hold the ejaculation. If you find that you survived the pressure test on time, you are in the safer zone, but if you find that you reached the climax and ejaculated quickly, then you need more practice.

Try masturbating with dry hands and practice not to reach the climax quickly. This is essential for a man to have complete control over his body and more on his mind. You should think of something else while masturbating instead of thinking sexy. You will definitely pass the test by reaching the climax late and ejaculate after prolong masturbation. Unfortunately, if you fail several tests, consulting a sexologist can be a viable option to avoid embarrassment in bed while having sex with your partner.

Practice Kegel exercises

By practicing Kegel exercises you will learn to control the muscles. Strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle that contracts during the orgasm. The well-toned muscle will help to ensure better control. While urinating, interrupt the flow and squeeze the muscle. It is good to practice it every day for around 4-5 times to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle (PC).

Use thick condoms

You can try thick or special condoms to enhance the numbness in your penis. According to Gassner- you can last longer in bed by dulling down the senses. You can also try for the climax control condoms that are marketed by top manufacturers.

So, these are some of the most useful tips to avoid premature ejaculation that many men suffer from. Adding to it, you can also consult a reputed sexologist to get immediate help.

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