Does More Sex bring more Happiness?

Sex is significant to embellish the love life. But from different studies in the recent past- the question arises whether more sex brings more happiness or not. Couples, whether married or committed often visits a reputed sexual clinic to take advises about how to make their sexual life more colourful. They also put their efforts into building the relationship with their best internetapotheke viagra.

Sex, according to many studies is a bridge that completes the gap between two people and helps them to come closer and sustain the relationship. But, does more sex is a viable way of getting more happiness? This is a question to debate from various ways.
Couples in a new relationship are more into making love than the couples together for more than a year or two. They still find the fresh flavor in each other and cannot get over the physical intimacy and this is normal from every perspective.

Things are also same for the married couples who never had sex with each other before marriage. For around two years, they feel the physical warmth for each other but soon after having a child in between them, they often lose the burning appetite for each other that once they used to have.

According to a recent research, for a healthy and happy relationship physical intimacy between two people once a week is normal and this can be stated to be an active sex life. But, frequent sex may not be that pleasing as most couples also look forward to pleasure during the love making process.

Researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University conducted a study recently and the topic of their study was whether more sex can make people happier or not. They selected 28 married individuals of 35-65 and conducted the study for 3 months. The couples were randomly divided into two groups. One was asked to follow their usual routine of sex life while another one was asked to double the weekly frequency of sex.

The result of the experiment was quite surprising. The group that was asked to maintain their usual sex frequency was happy and content that they previously were. But the second group that was asked to increase the frequency of their weekly love making reported being dissatisfied. The reason they explained that more sex was not that element that was making them happy and satisfied. Instead, they failed to create a pleasure dome in which they have the compassion towards each other and the aura of lovemaking.

The Carnegie Mellon University test was an eye-opener for the previous studies. It demonstrates that couples having frequent sex may not get the opportunity to create the environment that evolves passion and desire for each other. Whether couples who successfully developed that environment tend to enjoy the less yet quality sex in their lives and they are content with that.

To conclude, instead of having more sex, it is essential to have quality sex with mutual passion. This is how couples can enjoy the lovemaking and successfully balance their active sex life.

Dr. Satinder SinghDoes More Sex bring more Happiness?

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