Newly Married Couple Tips For Healthy Sexual Life

Satisfactory sex life is the key to a happy conjugal relationship. This is a saying that most couples in a nuptial relationship believe strongly. Marrying your soulmate is the best thing that you can ever have. If you are newly married, take great care of each other and also try to focus on developing a wonderful understanding that is mandatory in all blissful married lives.

Here are some tips for maintaining healthy sexual life—

Frequent intimacy

Newly married couples are always eager to be with each other as they develop a fondness for one another. Physical intimacy is a great way to showing love and compassion for one another. Thus, frequent physical liaison is one of the best ways to shower love and passion for one another. This is how they develop a great bond of trust and togetherness that is very necessary for a successful sexual life in your marriage.

Say “I love You”

You can find it crazy childish to say if you are marrying in your 40’s. Still, these three wonderful words can create magic. If you are truly in love with your spouse, you will feel the urge of saying him/her the three magic words to develop more closeness with one another. Even when you are making out, whispering these three wonderful words of love comfort your spouse and the passion and desire for each other becomes love not lust. These two words have very different meanings.

Show courage

To make a strong sexual bond in your conjugal life, you must look wide open at your partner during your orgasm. If you can lock the gaze at your spouse during the climax and especially during orgasm, you guys are going to enjoy the true essence of intimacy. Make the person feel special and loved like he/she has never experienced. Show your courage to gaze at him/her while making love as this is going to grow a strong bond with each other.

Change positions

Instead of getting intimate in the same bed regularly in the same position- things can become a little tiresome. And when you are newly married and the flame of passion is still burning inside- you cannot let it go in vein easily. Use new places and try different positions to fuel the fire of passion set you ablaze.

Tight Hug

It is not always that you guys have to make out to show the passion. Sometime the bond of togetherness can be developed with tight hugs. You guys should try the morning hugs which help a lot in feeling the togetherness.

Stay healthy

Above all, for a happy and satisfactory sexual life, you need to stay healthy and fit. Do exercise daily and eat a healthy diet. If necessary, consult a doctor or try ayurvedic medicines to cure any sexual problems that you or your partner has.

Along with doing all these things, talk about love and freely interact about sex which is really essential for having a great sex life in any conjugal relationship.

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