Is Zinc Useful In Treating The Issue Of Erectile Dysfunction In Men?

Zinc is such a mineral which plays a very essential role in developing the human body. It assists in immunity, growth and in reproduction. It is very useful in helping the body to produce and control many hormones including testosterone.

Scientists have discovered that due to lack of zinc, erectile dysfunction or ED can happen. It is a serious affair for men so lack of zinc should not happen in the body. If this happens, then reproduction can be affected, hence, one should consult his physician to increase the percentage of zinc in the body. You cannot take it lightly.

Zinc and ED

Zinc is essential for the development and proper functioning of the male sex organ. With deficiency of zinc in a male’s body fewer testes develop and this decreases the sperm count. A man with erectile dysfunction should consult his doctor. The physician will examine him carefully and then he will recommend the best zinc supplements which will benefit his body. The doctor will conduct a testosterone test which will point out whether zinc supplement will be suitable to his patient or not.

There are certain guiding principles regarding the levels of zinc supplementation which are precise to sexual dysfunction. If zinc supplements are necessary then the doctor will prescribe them and will recommend the doses. Do not take zinc supplements without consulting your doctor as excess zinc could cause health hazards. Consult your doctor before using zinc supplements. They can be used as a possible treatment for erectile dysfunction.

This mineral helps in producing important sex hormones which includes prolactin and testosterone. It creates the chief component of prostatic fluid. It has been proved that dietary zinc impacts male sexual capability. Researchers have proved this through rats. The rats were given on a daily basis oral dose of zinc sulphate and it was seen that sperm increased before ejaculation and penile thrust.

Another study showed that supplements containing zinc, folic acid and herb golden root enhanced the ejaculation control and helped in premature ejaculation. Zinc supplements are also used for curing erectile dysfunction for those males who suffers from lasting kidney disease. A man suffering from ED means that his penis cannot stay erected during sex for a longer time or faces difficulty in erection while having sex. This is a very common disease in men. It should be cured and should not be taken lightly.

ED is caused by emotional factors and also by physical factors. When blood sugar level and cholesterol increases then it affects the penis to stay firm while having sex. Stress or anxiety can reduce sexual desire and confidence. Grave sicknesses which affects hormone regulation and blood system causes ED. Erectile dysfunction causes premature ejaculation.

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