Ayurvedic Solution for Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is commonly found in men. If refers to a condition in which man's sex organ unable to get proper erection. Now days, no. of patients suffered from this disease is increased due to unhealthy life style and by using western culture. This problem affects man's self-esteem and his sexual relationship. In case of temporary issue, no medicines are needed but if this is ongoing then medical intervention is needed to cure this problem .

There is no actual symptoms by which you can know you are about to suffer from erectile dysfunction until it happens. You just suffer from it. If it is happening once in while then it's ok otherwise it is cause of concern. It can happen at any age. Elderly might face this very often. Relationship between couples relies on many things, sex is one of them. We can't ignore the fact, how sex ignites romance and rejuvenates your life. To survive in this competitive world we come across many things which take a toll on our life. Anxiety, depression or hypertension come naturally so doe’s disease.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem which is both psychological and physical. It has many types. It might be while having sex you does not erect but when you are masturbating you get an erection. This might be only because of psychological problem. Fear of performance on bed causes anxiety and it causes this. This type of people should talk a lot to their partner before trying for sex. This way they can get rid of their stress and do well in bed. If you are not getting erection under any circumstances then the cause is physical.

Root Causes of ED:
Heart disease
Old Age
high cholesterol
Use of drugs like alcohol, nicotine, cigarettes
Ayurvedic Treatment

People who are suffering from erectile dysfunction do not need to bear it in shame. Erectile dysfunction is curable. Best way to cure this disease is mixture of both psychological and herbal medicine. You would consider that sexologist who gives you a comfort zone where you can put your problems properly. As you know this problem is psychological too. Herbal medicine has very good results with fewer side effects or there are no aftereffects. Do remember don’t take any medicine without consulting a good sexologist. Protein, phosphorous and iron is the nutrition which you need most at this time which you get by herbal alternatives. To boost your low self-esteem, aphrodisiac effect is also given.Don’t just sit idle or be ignorant until it is late. Want to have a better sexual life, get a remedy of erectile dysfunction. Gone the days when talking about sex life was a taboo..

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