Tips to boost your sexual health

Never compare your sex life with other couple remember you are together because there was some connection which might be slackening. Each relationship is unique in its own way. At some point in life, there will be a time when sex will become unexciting. Spark goes missing from one’s partner. Here problem start between couples. Either you are married couple or just a couple, a healthy sex life is necessary to keep moving your life smoothly. Every worthy thing in life not comes easy – and this applies for sex life too. No one else will come to spice up your sex life it is you who will have to take initiative to make it better or even best.

What you need is simple and effective approach to get back your sex life.

Sex requires certain amount of focus. This focus will only come when you are comfortable with your partner. One of the best ways to be comfortable with your partner is to communicate. Talk to each other in every possible way. Share your routine life, likes, dislikes and also listen to your partner. This way you will get to know each other. Marriage is stiff; as we start our routine life fervor of marriage disappears. It can get back to normal by talking to each other only.

Try to do some unexpected thing

Once you start communicating, you know exactly what is going wrong in relationship. Little surprise can make a big difference to your life. Do some unplanned stuff like gift to each other. You can also gift undergarments. She might surprise you when you get back from work. It might sound strange but work. Go out to some place where you can spend some non-sexual time. Spending time with your partner without performing on bed is very effective way of bonding.

Sex should be spontaneous

Sex is not just having intercourse, involve in foreplay. Foreplay is important because it make sex gratifying and original. Do not plan sex in advance, it should be spontaneous. Do not do every time in same position as repetition of everything is boring.

Do some Exercise?

It will not only help your sexual life but your daily life. Running or walking will help you in maintain your blood circulation as well as build yours stamina. Yoga will also help as it makes your body flexible, it will help you in enjoying different position.

Consult sexologist 

Never hesitate in consulting good sexologist. They will help you in aforementioned work and also help you in getting rid of any sexual problem in case you are having like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Sexologist knows the problem from root.

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