Shocking Truth About Premature Ejaculation

While having vaginal penetration when you don't have control over ejaculatory response, this condition is termed as premature ejaculation. Normally in this condition ejaculation happens most probably with in a minute of penetration. Men from different age groups have been found affected from this. There are many reasons behind this condition. But most important thing you need to know about premature ejaculation is: It’s not a disease. So there is nothing to worry about In case you are having this condition. It has effects but not like any other disease. It might affect you mentally and emotionally as it is something which is directly proportion to love. What I mean is somehow sex help you in conveying your romance.

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding premature ejaculation was that it is some sort of sickness or disease but actually it is not. Healthy men can also go through this condition at some point in their in life. At some point lack of sexual activity for long time can also create a syndrome in you. It is like you are over anxious about performance while having intercourse. It can jeopardize your pleasure what as a couple you can have.

Bad habit can affect

What I mean is overdose of anything like drugs, alcohol, smoking and other ecstasy product will have negative effect on your body. It can cause premature ejaculation. At some point you feel this is helping you in performing in bed only because it calms your mind. If your condition is related to anxiety as we know these ecstasy products helps you in controlling your mind and keep stress away from your mind as long as you are into it.  But the truth is you can’t have these things for long time as they have bad side effects on your body and can worse your condition. So staying away from these things is best.

Ejaculation condition can be improved with exercise

It can be controlled with exercise and yoga. There are different exercises for controlling your brain as well as body. You can improve your stamina as well with some sort of exercise. There are ayurvedic remedies which you can consider. Good doctor who are well aware about premature ejaculation condition and its treatment might help you in getting over this situation.

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