Understanding Premature Ejaculation And Its Effect On Life

Survey shows people suffering from premature ejaculation face emotional as well as relationship distress. There are people suffering from premature ejaculation avoids being in sexual relationship due to embarrassment. There is an average latency time of ejaculation; if it is occurring to you or has occurred many times you might be suffering from it. Once in a while if it is happening then there is nothing to worry about. Some time it happens due to stress or maybe you are tired due work load.

Premature Ejaculation and Sex life

Premature ejaculation and romance can’t go together very well. It is really necessary to have healthy sex life for good romance. Sex work as a spark in your romance and it is vice versa. You know it very well relationship work on understanding and mutuality. If it is happening or you are unable to last long in bed it will create lot of pressure. It has been noted couple splitting due to this.

How it affects your confidence?

Healthy sex life keep you stress free and also rejuvenate you time to time. You can’t deny the fact that it shakes your confidence, if you are not having a good sex life. Consider you want to have physical intimacy and your partner denied it because of your problem. You might start irritating over little thing. Everyone is vulnerable at some point.

Sex not only helps in forgetting your daily life as well it also help in reducing your stress. There is nothing ashamed of talking about sex life. It is necessary to talk and clear all doubts over sex. If possible take consultation with good sexologist who can help in resolving query and can help you emotionally. Remember if consultation taken from noted sexologist this premature ejaculation is treatable. As a precaution you can have a good diet, keep yourself fit by doing some exercise and try to avoid any addiction.

Dr. Satinder SinghUnderstanding Premature Ejaculation And Its Effect On Life

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