Infertility problem – A cause of concern and curable

This can be really very difficult time for those couple, who wanted to have kid of their own and are facing infertility problem. They could be devastated emotionally. Infertility has become one of common problem nowadays. We all know what it is, it’s a condition where despite doing antifertility sexual intercourse for one year either you are not able to impregnate your wife or she is not conceiving. Infertility occurs in women mostly when they are above the age of 35. It is not only women who suffer from this problem it is men also who might not be able to impregnate.

There is only one prominent reason behind men not able to impregnate is, they are not able to produce quality sperm. Only sperm cannot help in having baby your sperm need to be strong enough to make an impact when it get in touch with eggs released from ovary. Prominent reason behind women infertility is not able to ovulate. She might be ovulating but immaturely. What happens in this case is, their ovaries start releasing eggs before it get mature. But at the same time infertility is curable if you start your medication at earliest.

There are different medication for men and women. But before you start treating it is good to know what kind of infertility problem you are facing. Is it the age problem which has caused hormonal disorder or is it some emotional stress which has caused this (especially in men). If you have been in emotional stress for long time it can affect your sperm. For treatment you need to consult a certified sexologist who knows the problem as well as can understand the situation. It is not just any other disease where only medicine will help you. You need morale support also while getting treatment.

Dr. Satinder SinghInfertility problem – A cause of concern and curable

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