Tips to judge your Sexual Stamina

Now days, sex education is available to everybody via internet or books. People wonder about their sexual stamina. People are more educated and more modern, so they are more alert for their general as well as sexual health. Male or female anybody can go through sexual problems of any kind at anytime of life. Weather young or adult, everybody wants to know if their sexual stamina is sufficient or not, are they able to satisfy their partner or not. Gone the time, when people used to shy to talk about their sexual life with anybody, not even doctor. People look out for a sexologist to make their sexual life healthy. People are more aware now that their sexual health is also as much important as general health.

Sexual Health is as important as your general health. It is not difficult to deal with this issue with the help of proper  investigations and examination. This can be checked by examination of patient by sexologist. Examination by sexologist includes complete history of the patient, the Sexual problems or symptoms he/she is suffering from. Male problems like night fall, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Dhat Syndrome, Low or nil sperm count, Infertility problems, Gupt rog, Penile Infections, UTI etc.

Female problems like loss of libido , Infertility problems, Generalized body weakness, leucorrhea, Candidial, Trichomonal, mixed vaginal infections, Dyspareunia etc. Investigations include Semen Analysis, Serum testosterone level, Penile Doppler, thyroid profile, CBC of the male patient.

First line of treatment in male infertility is Semen Analysis. Semen analysis report is very helpful a patient for any sort of Infertility problems. Normal Sperm count is equal to or above 20milllion.
Are you the one? The one suffering from loss of libido, or mental depression, loss of stamina, or not able to satisfy your partner? You don’t need to worry. We, at Empire clinics provide you our best service. DR. SATINDER SINGH, HEAD OF SEXOLOGISTS TEAM AT EMPIRE CLINICS help you with proper counseling, examinations, investigations and medication.

Dr. Satinder SinghTips to judge your Sexual Stamina

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