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Luxurious lifestyle which contains addiction and party all the time can not last forever. It might fascinate and give you extreme pleasure, but it is not like that. You can't keep it doing for long time because your body is vulnerable. You might succumb to any disease.  It is not only luxurious lifestyle which causes diseases like diabetes, obesity, premature ejaculation or any other disease. The truth is diseases have no logic. Anybody can succumb to any disease at any time. So what is good, prevention or cure? There is an old edge “Prevention is better than cure.” This is absolutely true. Why get sick if you can prevent it from happening. By living a disciplined life (ayurvedic lifestyle), you can keep disease away from yourself.


Ayurveda is not a new term it is being practiced in India since ancient times. One of the myths about ayurveda is, people mistake it with religion. You don't need to be religious to follow its principle. Once you start following, it strengthen your inner ability which helps in bringing peace to your mind and soul. It is completely herbal where the stress is on plant based medicines. Like Holy basil (popularly known as Tulsi Plant in India) is used in green tea. There are many benefits of using Holy basil like cures fever, beats diabetes, beats stress, heals repository conditions and many more. Basic of Ayurveda is getting used in Indian house every day especially when it comes to cough and cold. Holy Basil is one of the herbs among thousand herbs which are in Ayurveda and are being used for treatment of diseases.


Not everyone is knowledgeable enough to guide you about herbs and medication used in Ayurveda. Here comes ayurvedic doctor in Ambala who will help you in getting rid of any disease by ayurvedic principles. Dr. Satinder Singh has studied it and knows pros cons of medication and process. Medicine given by him is 100% authentic.   Make ayurveda a way of life by following it in your daily life and stop yourself from being sick.

Dr. Satinder SinghAyurvedic Lifestyle – Live a Happy and delightful life.

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