How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Can Affect Your Sexual Life?

Did you conquer this deadly disease called Coronavirus or COVID-19? If yes, and you are worried about its effects on your sexual life, you are on the right article. It shall cover every angle related to COVID-19 and its effect on sexual activities.

How does it affect the infected people?

In the case of infected men, COVID-19 can lead to Erectile Dysfunction, whereas there is no proven problem for women.

“Erectile Dysfunction is when a man can not gain or hold an erection prolonged or strong enough for sexual intercourse.”

Coronavirus causes inflammation in the body and the blood vessels, leading to small blood clots. These blood clots disrupt the blood flow in the body, which is crucial in achieving an erection. Without proper blood flow in the genitals, a person can not reach a complete erection.

The said disease also affects the heart, which is even worse in an ongoing case of heart inflammation. It worsens the condition of heart inflammation and also provokes irregular heartbeat. The medicines used to treat the situation can also cause Erectile Dysfunction as a side effect.

The physiological stress on the body due to coronavirus leads to decreased testosterone levels.

Psychological stress on the body increases stress hormones.

A combination of the above mentioned hormonal change results in loss of testosterone even after the recovery. This situation leads to fibrosis of the penile tissue, which is an irreversible medical condition leading to ED.

Some studies have also shown that the virus enters testicle cells through a protein. It leads to decreased testosterone levels in the body, followed by Erectile Dysfunction.

How does it affect the non-infected people?

There are chances that this deadly disease did not infect you, but you still noticed some issues with your sexual life. Do you know why?

Coronavirus did not only affect the ones it touched, but it affected everyone on this planet.

Infected people had different issues to deal with, but those confined into their houses with disrupted routines suffered immense psychological pressure due to the pandemic.

Everybody started working from home, stuck with the same faces 24*7 until the government lifted the restrictions. Such a situation where people did not get enough space led to a lot of psychological pressure.

When men are under stress, they are not in their right frame of mind, which is extremely important for men to gain an erection. Also, men need to be calm and in the mood to maintain this erection.

If the psychological pressure prevails continuously, it can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. These are one of the primary reasons for men to acquire Erectile Dysfunction.

Can you get COVID-19 from Sex?

Many people are wondering if they can get infected by coronavirus or COVID-19 by having sex. Please let me answer this for them.

As per the regulations set by WHO, people should maintain a distance of 6 feet or 2 meters between themselves.

Close contact than the mentioned distance with an infected person can expose the other to the virus. It makes the healthy person vulnerable to the disease irrespective of the engagement in sexual activity.

The disease spreads through respiratory droplets, which can be passed by a cough, sneeze or even a talk. If these droplets from an infected person land on a healthy person's mouth, nose, or eyes, then the latter can get infected with the coronavirus.

In terms of sexual involvement, these droplets can be passed through kissing or other sexual activities involving the exchange of oral fluids.

The article should also mention that there is no proof that coronavirus can be transferred through semen or vaginal fluids. So, it is not a Sexually Transmitted Disease or Sexually Transmitted Infection, but it can still spread with the involvement in sexual activity.


Infected by coronavirus or not, each of us suffered some kind of wrath of COVID-19. It also took a toll on our sexual lives, as explained in this article. It has been heavy for the men section of the society.
Though it has affected less, women also faced a decrease in their sexual activities.
The pandemic is fading away, and we hope its effects fade away too.
You can enroll in physical exercises like a gym or a sport which shall help you gain your mental and physical strength back. This should help you get back to your previous lifestyle including your sex life.
What are you waiting for if you feel like your problem is out of your control and you want to seek medical help?

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