Some Great Tips to Make Your Sex Life Thrilling and Ever So Exciting

Different couples love doing differently. What clicks with one couple, need not necessarily click with others too. There are some great sex positions that you could definite try inside your bedroom and explore some great thrilling your relationship. When it comes to accomplishing gratifying and stimulating sex, you have to have the right communication, timing and spontaneity with your better half.

If you want to keep rocking in bed with your partner, read the points we have mentioned below. We hope they do work out wonderfully for you.

Tell your partner what you like and what turns you on

When you want better sex, you need to communicate better too. This does not always mean that you have to indulge in dirty talks every time. When you communicate about your likes and dislikes you get more informative and instructional about both of your bodies. If he or she is doing something that you like, then go ahead and tell your partner about it. If need be, guide them in the right direction as this will be a bliss for both of you. Remember to not mum about it but communicate the right way.

Praising goes a long way

A research was published in the Journal of Sex Research where it was stated that the level of sexual satisfaction was quite higher in couples who provided positive affirmation while they were having sex. If there were any embarrassing moments, still couples who would joke about it and move on, would generally enjoy a better sex life with their partner. Remember that couples who are happy also joke together. Life should not be taken too seriously, at all times. If your partner is doing something that you are enjoying, go ahead and praise him or her. Tell your partner that you like it, rather than proceeding with simple ambiguous noises or signs.

Being spontaneous is the key

After a period of time, sex would seem to be like an old routine that you are following, it too gets boring and custom-like at times. Hence to add spice to your relationship, try out new things from time to time. If you have any new idea that you have come across and want to try it out with your partner, simply go for it. Men enjoy it the most when women are spontaneous and confident about their moves in bed.

It has also been recommended by Dr. Jaffrey to try out new places of sex rather than the same bed all the time. It could be your car or the sofa or simply your kitchen table. However, always be sure of what you are doing in public, because its legal when you try anything as such in the open.

Foreplay should be regarded as an act of long term

For women in most cases, you need to ensure that the mood for sex is set properly. This is why; men must ensure that they include foreplay as a very integral part before sex. Indeed, mental foreplay does start quite several days in advance. From time to time send across small signs or lovely comments to your partner. This does help a lot in setting the mood for it. All throughout the day, send across messages and texts to each other.

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