How to Cure Bedwetting Habits?

When a kid wets the bed, he or she feels awkward and discomforting. Actually, this happens to many kids under the age of 5. This is an involuntary act and the kid should not be scolded or punished due to this act. You should console and encourage your child that this is just a passing phase and sooner he or she will overcome. Beating or scorning the child will make the kid feel inferior. This will give a negative effect on the child’s psychology.

As per Mayo Clinic, 15% children aged between 5 to 6 years wet their beds. Bedwetting is a genetic problem and generally boys are more affected to bed wetting compared to girls. This phase passes away gradually as the child grows big. If your child is suffering from bed wetting then you can help the kid by consoling and encouraging, instead of shouting or punishing the child. The kid needs the help and support of the parents to overcome this problem. Some helpful points are listed below.

  1. Expel the guilt

Scolding or scorning will add pressure to the kid which will worsen the matter. Since this is an involuntary act, therefore, it is difficult to stop the kid from bed wetting. Punishing will frighten the child and due to this the child will feel guilty. It is the duty of the parents to comfort the kid and not to let the child get worried and disturbed. Do not make the kid feel guilty, rather love and cheer up your kid. Tell the child that this not a matter to worry about and sooner he or she will overcome. If your child is suffering from bed wetting then ensure that the kid is not sleeping alone at night.

  1. Wake the child at night

Do not let your child have much fluid before going to bed. Ensure that the child goes to the toilet to urinate before retiring to bed. Wake and escort your child to the toilet at night to urinate. Instill this habit to your child so that if he or she feels the urge to urinate at night then the kid visits the bathroom.

  1. Consult the pediatrician

Take the help of the pediatrician so that he proposes some good suggestions to stop the bed wetting habit of your kid. He may even give your child some medications. A good specialist knows the psychology of a kid and he will be able to help your kid effectively in healing this habit. The doctor will study your child’s case properly and will start his medications. This will help the kid and sooner the child will overcome the habit of bed wetting.

  1. Do not let any member of your family ridicule the kid

Members of the family should not ridicule the child. Pass a strong verdict against this so that nobody in the family makes fun of the kid. Ridiculing the child will demoralize the child mentally and he or she will feel inferior compared to others in the house.

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