Some Essential Things You Were Not Aware of Pregnancy and Intercourse

Who knew that pregnancy would bring a whole bunch of changes to a couple’s life? Indeed it makes you both undergo a variety of dynamics and you both get ready for the arrival of the bundle of joy. These days you can come across what different kinds of pregnancy symptoms are and ways you could

Know about Ageing and Sexual Health

Do Not Let Stress Interfere With Your Relationship

You spend more than eight hours at your workplace. You need to tackle strict deadlines, ensure that the needs of your clients, customers and colleagues are met in the best possible way. This makes clear sense that when you return home at the end of the day you have tons of frustration and craziness to

Ayurvedic Ways to Boost Your Stamina

If you are amongst those batches of people who take fitness seriously, even to the most basic level, you would understand how important stamina is for you. Having an increased stamina is crucial, because you do not want to start huffing and puffing as a steam engine, within minutes of your workout session. The good


How Regular Consultation Can Help You Stay Happy

There are so many people who do not want to talk to doctors or sex consultants when it comes to resolving issues about their body or sex life. But hardly do they understand that sex therapy can help them gradually get over issues which they are trying to combat silently. There are several reasons why

Tips To Stay Healthy Post Marriage

After your wedding is over and you are back to your normal activities, you have to literally get back to your normal working state. The fun is over, and everything went superbly, as planned. However if you noticed, after everything’s ended, you start feeling lazy. It takes a lot much time for you to wake

birth control

Taboo about Birth Control Methods

From time immemorial, we have been surrounded with myths concerning different subjects and this also encompasses the topic of birth control techniques. But always keep one thing in mind that it is not wise of you to follow everything that you come across blindly. It is good to go ahead and take medicines if need

Ayurvedic Ways to Increase Sperm Count

The topic of male infertility gets quite as rampant as female infertility. Many a times, you might have heard people saying that women who don’t get well do come across infertility issues. However, child bearing issues do not alone lie within women. There are so many men today who are undergoing infertility issues. One of

Effective ways which can improve your marriage

Infertility Ayurvedic Treatment

Sterility is a very big problem and many couples suffer from it. There are so many couples who suffer from this problem and cannot raise their family. Marriage means raising your own family and if one of the partners is infertile then problem arises. There are many ways to treat this problem such as, the

online consultation

Online Male / Female Consultation — Get Private Consultation for All Your Doubts

We use the Internet to gain vital information and also for entertainment but now we can utilize it to gain information for medical use and for private consultation to clear our doubts. Maintaining good health is very important so we must eat balanced and nutritious diet and have proper rest and workouts. We must consult

Cycling boosts your stamina

How Cycling Boosts Your Stamina?

There are many ways to keep your body fit and healthy. Walking, swimming, jogging, running and cycling can keep your body fit and healthy. There are many health benefits in cycling. It tones your muscles, particularly the leg and thigh muscles. It improves the cardiovascular health and assists in better blood flow. Cycling is very