Ways to Handle Female Sexual Health Problems

Female sexual health issues or problems could happen due to several reasons. A few of the reasons would be due to the sudden imbalance of the hormones, sickness; a particular medicine could end up causing issues in the body. The other reasons could also be psychological, mood swings, body image and so forth.

Female Sexual Dysfunction or FSD is not entirely based on a few pre-determined or known factors. It is based on how you feel from within and outside and whether you think or feel that there is an issue going on. You will be the best one to judge yourself here. In case you are not being satisfied with the level of pleasure you are experiencing or with sexuality, then FSD could be the underlining cause for it.

Before anything, it is essential for one to understand what Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) actually is. This can be diagnosed by the woman concerned as only she knows how she exactly feels about her sexuality. The other reason could be the inability of a woman to perform pr respond to sexuality the way it should happen. This issue can be a global one where it could happen every time one undergoes a sexual encounter. It could also be only a situational one, where it could only happen in certain situations or conditions.

There are several ways by which you can cure Female sexual health issues. A few of the techniques have been mentioned below:


Make sure that you discuss your medical and sexual history

Yes, this part might get a bit uneasy for everyone, but you need to start from somewhere to get to the core of the issue. You need to understand the fact that your sexuality plays a vital part when it comes to your well being. Realize that, more open you are about these issues and the quicker the faster will your issues start getting diagnosed.


Go ahead with a pelvic examination

While this examination takes place the doctor will ask you about some physical changes which do affect your sexual life. He might ask you about areas such as your genital tissues, and it starting too thin or elasticity issues, whether you experience pain and so forth.


Undergoing a few blood tests as required

  • It is possible that your doctor will ask you to undergo a few blood tests too. This is vital as the doctor through blood tests will be able to diagnose any underlying health conditions if it exists and you are not aware of it. It could be the reason which is causing sexual dysfunction within you.

You might also be asked to opt for a therapy session or visit a counselor who is a specialist in a relationship or sexual related problems.

Always remember that you need to talk to your partner if there is an issue that is troubling you. If there are any differences then you need to be open to your partner. Make sure that you provide feedback if there is any issue that you are experiencing with your partner during sexual intercourse.

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