How to live a healthy Sexual Life after Marriage

Even after years of marriage you and your partner must try to maintain a fabulous and healthy sexual life. It is essential in any nuptial relationship when both the partners feel the same attraction or each other even after having kids. If necessary, they can consult counselors or visit a reputed sexologist that can ensure the couples for maintaining a great sex life to feel passionate for each other even other years of marriage.

Here are some tips shared for a healthy Sexual Life after Marriage—

• Make a room of your own

Couples experience a lack of privacy after having kids. The little ones tend to come in between the parents often. It is thus essential to get a good lock for the master bedroom and get some intimate time for each other after a tough day at work. This feeling of intimacy will increase your sex urges for the partner and definitely, you will once again feel the burning desire of having the person very close to you. Sex is very important in a conjugal relationship. Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s of even 50’s you shouldn’t stop the urge for having each other.

• Foreplay helps

Foreplay is essential and you can practice it as a part of maintaining a healthy sexual life in your marriage. This may include playing, doing orals or teasing the partner which is absolutely delightful for the partners. You guys can feel the zeal of having a burning desire for each other after this invocation chapter. Once in a while having this kind of desire for each other can help you solve all the glitches you often face in your married lives.

• Show affection

It is essential to show the fondness for each other. Show love and affection towards the man or the woman you love. Remember the old days when you first dated and decided to live with each other no matter what. This kind of affection and revisiting down memory lane can help you get into each other’s arms once again. Which is why hugging and kissing are definitely essential for showing the care you have for one another even during the toughest times.

• Visit a sexologist clinic

It is strongly recommended to visit a sexologist if your partner or you remain tired. Often the tough schedule is the biggest villain in maintaining a healthy sexual life in marriages. If you are going through the same, it’s time to take action and visit the good doctor immediately before things turned worse.

• Counseling

Marriage counselors are trained experts to help you and your spouse to patch up the differences that are hampering your healthy sex life also. You should listen to the suggestions of the counselors and pamper your husband or wife, not only in the bed but also in the kitchen or study when he/she is working or doing other things.

Hence, “I am too tired’ is the sentence that must be deleted forever to have a wonderful sex life. This is the gateway to a great married life.

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