Diet for Uric Acid Patient

In this article, we will discuss the diet and food that patients with uric acid and gout pain should follow.

Patients who suffer due to uric acids usually and in most cases also undergo painful Gout pain. Gout is known to be a very excruciating kind of pain and it’s a form of arthritis. This pain usually arises when the level of uric acid increases in one’s blood. It starts to hence form crystals in the blood. This, in turn, gets collected around the area of the joint. This is why the growth of uric acid needs to be stopped in our system.


Uric acid: It is produced when a chemical known as purine starts to break in our body. This is a chemical which is naturally produced in our body. But at the same time, it is also accessible in several kinds of food items. Uric acid gets extracted from our system when we urinate.

This is the reason why it should be a good thing to follow a proper diet or even a diet for gout patients will work well. This is the reason why; you need to first understand that the diet for diet is not the complete cure. But, it is a positive and productive step towards lowering the percentage of uric acid in our body. It will also help to stop gout attacks from taking place time and again. Hence, it will help to save our joints from getting damaged further.


Make sure that you start to follow a proper uric acid diet. It should move parallel to your medication. You will soon notice that your pain is being well managed. Also, the level of uric acid will get considerably lessened.


We have mentioned below a diet for uric acid patients, which should be useful for them:


  • Water

Let us get started with water. Make sure that you are always well hydrated. It will work well for your gout pain and also beneficial for your overall body’s functions.


  • Fats

You have to make sure that you start cutting down on saturated fats from your diet. This is why, you have to start keeping away or highly limiting dairy food which contains a high amount of fat, red meat, and fatty poultry items.


  • Proteins

Always ensure that you consume meat that is lean and away from fat. You can consume lentils and dairy with low fat. This works as a good source of protein.


  • Organ meat or glandular meat

Make sure that you keep away from meat items such as kidney, liver and also sweetbreads. All of these end up producing a high amount of uric acid in your blood.


  • Red meat

You have to start if not avoiding, then lessening a considerable amount of pork, beef, and lamb meat.


  • Seafood

There are a few kinds of fish meat which is quite high in producing purines. To name a few of them: tuna, shellfish, anchovies, and sardines. But also, they work well for our system and when it comes to measuring the health hazards it will be less. This is the reason why; make sure that you consume fish moderately.


  • Vegetables

Research has revealed that spinach and asparagus have a high content of purines. Hence, it should be averted from your diet completely.


  • Beverages

To lessen uric acid from the blood, make sure that you stay away from distilled liquors and beer.


  • Vitamin C

Also, consume Vitamin C in good amount, as it is stated that it helps in lowering down the level of uric acid.


  • Cherries

It works out well for reducing the level of uric acid. Hence one can consume it.

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