Ayurvedic Medicine – Panacea of all disease

Ayurvedic medicine is one of oldest medicines system in Indian subcontinent since medieval times. It has been used and is being used for various ailments.  Ayurvedic medicines are not only medicine unlike allopathic medicine. It is a way of life which not only heals your disease but balance your life physically, mentally and spiritually. Approach of Ayurveda in healing any disease is different. It works on the system of social and spiritual concepts. Sole benefit of Ayurveda is, it helps in treating any disease to its root. Practice of Ayurveda could be anything from massage, use of herbs or other Ayurvedic medication, what I mean is method can be different but all these go to the root of problems before healing your disease.

Ayurveda has solution of all disease like diabetes, hyper tension, blood pressure, obesity, hair loss to sex related problem and many more disease which are serious threat to human life. Take example of obesity, we all know how dangerous it is. It causes other disease too. It has been seen very well that in today’s time due to hectic schedule people barely manage to gym and loose added extra kilos. Available pills for weight does more harm than good so it is best to find a natural or Ayurvedic way to loose fat and lead a healthy life. Lemon juice with mixture of honey is tested method of losing weight as it is natural way of doing that; there is no side effect if you follow this. There are herbs which have been described in ancient time for losing weight like Baibidang and Tagaretc. There are many natural ways by which you can get rid of weight.

Ayurveda can help you in premature hair loss. One of the reasons behind hair loss is lack of Vitamin C and hyper tension. The scalp must be kept cool. By practicing yoga you can release your stress and keep your scalp cool. Ayurvedic medication can help you in getting rid of any disease if it is followed properly. There are many Ayurvedic doctors available in market who gives free consultation on Ayurveda, but it is advisable to check them before asking for advice on any medication which follows Ayurveda. Are they really certified enough to give any suggestion on medicine.

There is an ayurvedic doctor in Ambala having more than 5 year of experience and has built reputation on his own by helping thousands of patient by Ayurvedic medication.

Dr. Satinder SinghAyurvedic Medicine – Panacea of all disease

Dr. Satinder Singh

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