Male Infertility Problem and Causes

Most men who suffer from infertility have no idea until they decide to become parent. As they get to know about this they are confused and little embarrassed when it comes to treatment. Sometimes it has seen that, people consider infertility as impotence. But both condition impotency and infertility is different. Infertility is a condition where you are not able to impregnate fertile women. It occurs due to deficiency in sperm. Infertility can cause trouble in your married life. It can disturb your happiness and shake your confidence as well. We all know how much elation and happiness a child can bring in your life. Once you become father your life changes so do your perspective towards your life.

At the same time infertility can be treated, if medication is done properly with consultation of good doctor. First of all we should consider about what are the reasons behind male infertility. What causes it?

Any recreational stuff done for long time can harm your body and also your sperm. Smoking of marijuana for long time is dangerous. Alcohol also does the same effect to sperm. If your diets do not have vitamin C and zinc it can also cause you low quality sperm. Wearing tight underwear can also decrease sperm production. These underwear increases temperature due to this testes get overheat. If testes are overheating from normal they are unable to produce quality sperm. One of the prominent reasons is stress. This is common in current life style. Due to hectic life schedule or corporate life everybody goes through it. It is really necessary to keep a balance between everything so that you can be stress free. With proper time management you can make a balance between your personal life and work life. If you are able to find some time for exercise you can reduce your stress as well.

As I said infertility can be treated with proper medication and meditation. Both will help in getting your life in shape. Dr. Satinder Singh one of renowned sexologist from Ambala having more than 10 year of experience in this field has helped many couple. They are living a happy married life. You can take a consultation from him or can meet directly to his clinic.

Dr. Satinder SinghMale Infertility Problem and Causes

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