Are Men With Low Sperm Count Affected With Increased Risk Of Illness?

Are you getting worried about the fact that low sperm count may end up affecting your fatherhood? You need to take this more seriously now, because it brings more health damages than you may have thought of!

You need to understand this carefully that low sperm count will not only affect you in the form of infertility. There are tons of health risks and illness that men with less sperm count are affected with. This has been revealed in the recent study.

It has been found out through researchers that men who come with low sperm count, tend to be 1.2 times affected with health sickness and ailments. They also get affected with more body fat, usually are victims of LDL (bad) cholesterol, have high blood pressure and have lesser amount of HDL) cholesterol. This means good cholesterol.

A study took place where 5,177 men who were infertile were studied and researched upon. It was found that these men were prone to get highly affected with low blood pressure, they would gain more fat too and had chances of having low level of testosterone. This particular study was led by the team and by Dr. Alberto Ferlin himself. He did a proper study on how low semen quality does affect the overall health of men in general. Hence, those men did also have very low level testosterone.

This is why it does end up affecting ones bone’s density level, their mass of muscle and it all of this eventually leads towards osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is known to be a disease where the bones of your body starts getting weak and eventually is gets brittle. Thus they are more likely to break easily. Men who are infertile do come with great number of health hazards. This will eventually shorten their lifespan too.

This is why men with such an issue or those who are infertile must get treated correctly. They need to ensure that they visit specialists as well as primary care doctors. This is why they do have greater chances of morbidity and mortality. They would also more likely be affected with diabetic issues, sooner or later.

As per a research it was also found that the overall semen count in men does largely affects his general health. This is why they should opt for fertility evaluation. This will provide them with the chance of getting diagnosed and checked carefully. If there is any issue that arises, it will be well taken care of and treated in time.

Dr. Alberto Ferlin, who had carried on with this research also stated that men who have low sperm count or low quality sperm, do also get frequently affected with cardiovascular risk, have bone mass and may encounter metabolic alterations.

You need to ensure that you do take proper care and take this problem seriously. Low sperm count is not only linked with infertility issues but leads to a hoard of health issues as you start to get older. Make sure that you get checked and get treated through specialists before it gets too late.

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