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Baldness is usually described as the loss of hair from the scalp. This is one of the most common problems faced in the community. As baldness is just important for the cosmetic point of view and it is not a communicable or life threatening disease, thus the government does not give much importance in health.

Skin Disorder

Description A very effective pure herbal treatment without any side effects by our team to cure the patients suffering from any kind of Chronic skin diseases with well proven results Diseases Cured by this Treatment Dry skin, Black spots, Itching, Ring worm, Pimples, Keratitis, Eczyma.Symptoms Redness, Itching, Dryness of the skin and may varies patient to


What frigidity is to females, impotence is to males. Inability to perform sex act, or else incomplete performance (say premature ejaculation) or failure to reach orgasm are some of the symptoms that portend male impotency. Causes These could be either functional or organic. Impotency could either be total or partial. I would like to clear