Healthy sex life is directly proportional to a stress free life

Do you know, Healthy sex life is directly proportional to a stress-free life?

We might have come across this below statement frequently. Do you work better under pressure? This statement can be valid in all walks of life except sexual life. Under-pressure, you can’t last long enough on the bed. To perform well on the bed you must be stress-free. We all are aware of the fact that

8 Tips To Boost Conception

If you are contemplating to have a “baby” than  there are various tips that can help you in increasing your fertility rate. Not getting pregnant is seen as a stigma in the society. Having a baby is an underlying desire of every single couple. Don’t panic or become stressed if you are not conceiving we

To Do List After Pregnancy

After marriage of two souls, every couple anticipates for a baby. News of a woman being pregnant is hailed with joyous excitement and happy feelings in a family. Now  to be parents of a newborn there is a cautious and nervous road ahead. It is a time when the couple and their parents have to

Are you getting old? Do you want to look young?

In today’s world, everyone wants to look young even when you are getting old. To look young and fitter everybody follow daily routines  like:- Doing yoga and meditation, Doing exercises like morning walk and cardio exercises etc., Taking a healthy and a balanced diet, Using beauty products, Taking medicines. But in our hectic day-to-day daily


Why we should consult sexologists for a healthy sexual life

What are sexologists? Sexologists are also doctors. They are specialized in the science of the sexes. They are equipped with the knowledge of sexual health, behavior, interests, and disorders. These are linked with various psychological, physical, social and biological factors of life.   How can people remain healthy and sexually fit? Things that come to

Infidelity and sex life

Infidelity and sex life

What is infidelity? Why do people cheat? Why do happy people cheat? Is an extramarital affair an end of life? Fidelity is the faithfulness for a person through the highest degree of loyalty and continuing support. However, infidelity is the exact opposite. This is an offense through which two soul mates are shattered. They are

Healthy sexual life

Exhaust yourself for a healthy sexual life

Are you leading a healthy sexual life or need a sexologist help? Are you in shape? Getting in shape will drastically improve your libido and it ensures perfect overall health. Are you becoming boring in bed? We unravel in front of you the secret behind complete satisfaction in your love life! Being fitter and leaner is the mantra

Social Media

How Social Media Creates Loneliness and Depression

Social media as all of us know comprises of mainly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. which have crept into our lives and is associated with the people in every possible way. All Social platforms help us to connect with lots of people and make many friends, Share lots of photos, chat with friends and are

Sex Education

Sex Education: A TABOO!

Sex Education Sex Education is the process of imparting knowledge about the science of sexual intercourse between humans. It is also first-hand authentic information regarding sexual awareness. It is not only about personal hygiene but also a health education for the masses so that they can lead a healthy life by being sexually aware of their

Health benefits of Honey

Health Benefits of Liquid Gold – Honey

Honey comes with a huge list of natural, nutritional and medicinal goodness. It has been much valued for years. It is a powerhouse of health benefits and flushes your body with unending benefits. Now let us delve deeper and understand how honey tends to benefit our body. To know more, please read below:   It