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The word ayurveda is combination of two words “ayu” and “veda”. “ayu” means life and “veda” means text. So text which deals with each and every aspect of life is ayurveda. Most of people think ayurveda is medicine but it is life style. In ayurvedic you can find each and every question related to life it may be of birth , death , sex, religions etc. As more and more I am living modern life and reading ayurvedic point of view regarding life I can say we will face a huge disaster in future. So today I will tell you about life in ancient times and life in modern time.

According to ayurveda, we should wake up early in the morning before sun rises. Then we should to go for nature’s call. We should not answer natures call in hurry it is most important part because it cleans body from inside. Then we have to take bath and clean body from outside. After that we should go to religious places to clear our mind from negative thoughts and start our day with positive notes. If we wake up early we have enough time to do these things but today we wake up late in the morning. Nature’s call is necessary and morning bath depends on time left after that stuff. Religious part is mostly bypassed. We go to our job with stress and negativity of previous day. According to ayurveda we should take our meal only when we are hungry and we should divide our stomach into three parts, fill one part with solid, one part with liquid and one part to be left empty for proper digestion. We should also take more and more fruits and vegetable in their original forms and After food we should have walk  for a while. That’s why our grandparents were healthy and not obese.

But what we do today, we fill our stomach with junk foods. We eat whenever we want without any need. Vegetables we eat are mostly fried with oil. Most people go to bed or watch TV after taking meal. That’s why you can see more and more people with increased belly. Ayurveda suggests to live in blended family so that you can get support in your difficult times. In these your child grow with good values. In these families all members work together and help weak person to live good life. But today cities have nuclear families. Parents are working and child grows in cruch or schools. That’s why today you can see many cases of child abuse and children without morels.

These are only some of examples which you can see in day to day life. Western countries know the importance of our ancient life style. They are increasingly accepting ayurvedic lifestyle. But we Indians where world’s first civilization was started are adopting western life style. If this trend goes like this then in future you can see uncivilized children with increased belly. Depressed peoples walking on roads and increase in number of suicides. Healthy person will become myth. Anyone can easily adopt ayurvedic lifestyle to get healthy.

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