Ten tips for married people to enjoy their boring sex life

You must have come across this famous quote “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. But do you know there is another quote which states “Behind every satisfied woman, there is an exhausted man..!! But how is it possible after marriage because life becomes monotonous. We get accustomed to our life so much that we forget to enjoy sex in married life. Here are ten tips which will help you to be naughty on the bed all again. I have categorized these into two parts. The first five tips are life-saving tips and the last five tips are for encouraging married sex life.

Understand Each Other – It doesn't matter if you are in an arranged marriage or love marriage. You must understand each other. Love alone can’t help you in an adverse situation. Understanding each other strengthens the relationship. The key to understanding each other is to know each other. It might take some time but it is worth understanding each other. True acceptance only comes with understanding.

Expect the unexpected and learn to accept it – Life is not always a bed of roses. There will be a time when you have to deal with situations that you never thought will occur in your life. You need to learn to accept unexpected. This will ease out your burden. You won't be in constant pressure dealing with things that need priority but not all your energy. In life, you have many things to deal with. You can't whine all the time about the same thing.

Start being a friend rather than a husband/wife – Most of the time you fall for your friends. What happens after the marriage that we start behaving like a husband or wife. As a husband or wife, there is a duty to do. Do your duty but meanwhile, don't get so busy in your daily routine that you forget that you were a friend to each other. Celebrating small moments will help you in opening up again.

Moments must be enjoyed – Moments are meant to be enjoyed. Don't categorize moments as small or big.  Celebrations are memories. Don't wait for big moments, you won't have many memories then. It is better to enjoy the small moments to cherish your present life. Remembering those moments will give you joy in your life later on.

Never change each other – There is no point asking your partner to change from themself.  You got married not because you wanted to change each other. You are married because you liked each other-self. Change and compatible both are different words. You should become a compatible partner, not a person who wants to change. You must change if you believe it is good for you and your relationship.

All the aforementioned tips are life-saving tips which is a panacea to keep you refreshed all day long. Once you cross the above stage you will be ready to greet each other all the time. Below are the tips with which you can create a beautiful night.

Let's make her feel you are around – When you are at home, you must make her feel that you are around. Your presence in the house alone does not mark your presence. When you are in the vicinity of your partner touch her. These touches will build a corporal charm between the two of you. This will create a path for physical attraction where you are supposed to explore each other's fantasies.

Don't chase the sex – Not all the days are the same. Despite applying all the methodology, there might be a time when you partner does not want to indulge in any sexual act. Don't get the feeling that your partner is not attracted to you. It is just that moment they don't want it. 

Exploring fantasies – We all have some sexual fantasies which are in the to-do list. Once married you are more opened up with your partner than earlier. Talking about sexual fantasies is not a problem now. Post marriage sex is the time to explore such fantasies.

Create a climate for sex – Starting sex at bedtime is good. But you must create climate for sex. You must hint of sex to your partner long before you start. It will help create climate for sex. It will stimulate your brain. Imagining sex before you start will do wonders with your sexual pleasure.

Try different positions – You can't ignore this part. This is the ingredient to spice up your sex life. It should not be uncomfortable but you must try changing positions for sexual pleasure at your comfort.

Dr. Satinder SinghTen tips for married people to enjoy their boring sex life

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