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Life got very much busy these days. India is growing faster but still not faster how much needed. Medical facilities in India are getting advanced day by day. As few years back the treatment of various types of disorders was not possible but now with the advancement of technology and science it is getting possible. Just take a little example of renal stone. In this type of problem if the patient is suffering from renal colic, later diagnosed that it is caused by a major stone of about 12-14mm. It can cause renal failure. It might be a emergency which should be treated as soon as possible. With the advancement of technology these types of stones can now be removed with the help of laser operations which are very less invasive therapy. It was just an example of advancement of technology in medical field.

In our Ancient system of Ayurvda Charak and Susruta are the great legends of Ayurveda. Rasayana and Vajikarna is the branch of Ayurveda. Vajikarna is the science of aphrodiasic. Ayurvedic medicines gives quality years of life besides increasing the years of life. This branch is related with the Science of infertility and virility. It also checks the spermatogenesis.There is given too much knowledge about how to increase Sperm count ,how to increase orgasm time, so many of Ayurvedic knowledge of Ayurvedic Drugs and lot of Ayurvedic formula to deal with sexual problems, infertility problems. Dhatuposthik churan, Ashwagandaha churan and shtavari churan etc are very effective in the treatment of low sperm count . All this concepts are ayurvedic. Ayurveda is the only Science which can treat any sort of sexual disorder without having any of the side effect. It guides the person for the proper nourishment of the body. Vajikarna tantra incorporates the speciality of Andrology and Sexology. Rasayana gives good strength ,promotes good health, increases immunity ,boost memory and lot of benefits to the body.

Swarn bhasmas and Silver Bhasmas is very effective in the treatment of sexual disorders. This gives the great advantages in the treatment of sexual disease. With the help of this sexual problems can be cured very easily. Rasayana tantra is mainly for the rejuvenation. It deals with the process of ageing. Our sexologist in Ambala are working with all the concept of ayurveda. They take proper care for each and every patient regarding the problem and the privacy of patient too. Our Sex specialist in Ambala is Dr. Satinder Singh who is graduted in Ayurveda From Panjab University. She is also graduated from the Panjab university. We provide all types of blood ,urine and semen test at our Empire Clinics.

Dr. Satinder SinghSex Specialist in Ambala

Dr. Satinder Singh

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