Malaria – Know symptoms of it!

Malaria is known to be a tropical disease that is considered to be a life-threatening one too, if not treated on time. Malaria is a disease that spreads rapidly through parasites. It has been reported that it approximately kills approximately 445,000 people per year. Sadly, many children in Africa get affected by it the most.

Even though all throughout the United States, this disease is not much found or rather has been wiped out (almost). There are some cases, however, which have still been coming up due to immigrants or travelers who enter or return from countries where this particular disease is common. People with infertility issues should also be aware of such disease.

This disease is usually more widespread in countries that are warm. A few commonly found places are the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. These are the places where these malaria-carrying mosquitoes literally thrive.


Why Malaria is considered as such a harmful disease?

Usually, when one is suffering from Malaria, they would start to feel fever at a very high temperature. The fever is usual cases is followed by chills and symptoms very much life flu, which can turn out to be fatal too. This is a disease that is spread by the Plasmodium parasites. This particular parasite is usually carried by the Anopheles mosquitoes.


Let us know about the symptoms of Malaria

One who has been infected by this parasite will start to feel the symptoms in about ten to fifteen days, post the body has been infected by the parasite. There are a few things which you need to be careful about.

Since the very first signs would be quite similar to ones that of fever or flu, it would not be normal for you to consider it as being infected by malaria disease. The symptoms of malaria will not be fully active, until two weeks of getting infected. The case usually gets more delayed if it’s a P. vivax infection.

This is why to make things sure; it would be good to get a blood test done at the earliest. The most common symptoms are fever chills, high temperature, and excessive sweating too. The other ones which will eventually show up at a later stage are:

  • Headache which would be continuous
  • Failure of the kidney
  • The body will ace more than usual
  • Seizures and feeling confused
  • The body will feel extremely tired; skin would start getting more yellowish in color. This is because you are starting to lose the red blood cells randomly.
  • Diarrhea

Another very serious thing about the disease Malaria is that it can even lead one to get into the phase of coma.

Usually, in the case of children, they get infected with anemia too, when the case of malaria gets too severe. Also, those with ED issues must be carefully diagnosed when encountered with such issues. Children may start feeling hard to breathe too. In a few cases, patients and usually children get infected with cerebral malaria too. This will cause damage to the brain.


Call for medical help at the earliest

By now you must have understood how quickly can malaria get into a fatal disease, make sure that you get medical help at your earliest. Do not wait for the symptoms to get more serious. Women who are pregnant, young children and even infants are more prone to get infected with this disease.

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