Infertility And Male Factor

Infertility And Male Factor

Infertility is defined as a disease of the reproductive system that impairs the body’s ability to perform the basic function of reproduction. Infertility means you cannot make a baby (conceive).It can be of two types Primary infertility and secondary infertility, Primary infertility is that when a couple have not pregnancy after one year of unprotected sex(Intercourse),Secondary is that when a couple have been pregnancy for at least one time, but not had that again.

Most of the times the male infertility occurs due to Low Sperm Count (Decrease in sperm count),this is a major part of male infertility, According to a research 60% male suffer from this problem. Which is a very bad part of married life, life seems like hell to the couple. Some other causes are also the part of this male infertility like there may be blockage in sperm path when released, Some time sperms do not work properly.

Sometimes this<a href=”http://www viagra”> male impotency can be due to older age, birth defects, heavy use of alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, due to any sort of infections also, environment pollutants, any sexually transmitted disease, injury to pelvic region, little or too much hormones are also responsible for this,Drugs also can cause male infertility just like Cimentidine, spironolatone and nitrofurantoin. Varicolceles increases the risk of infertility to 30%,among infertile couples it is very bad experience with it. Thousand of persons undergo surgical correction of varicocele annually for this.
A diagnosis of male infertility can be one of the hardest challenges a man can face. For some, it can be devastating. After all, the necessity of reproduction is one of the few things on which both Darwin and the Bible agree. Not being able to father a child can make a guy feel like he’s failing at one of his most primal responsibilities.

Unfortunately, some men have to cope with the reality that nothing can be done about their infertility. Although the causes of infertility are overwhelmingly physiological, the resulting heartache may exact a huge psychological toll. Individuals who learn they are infertile often experience the distressing emotions common to those who are grieving a loss. Typical reactions include depression, anger, and frustration.

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