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Things to Take Care Post Marriage

Marriage is not at all as easy as many people before marriage deem. But you need to remember that all that phrases such as, “don’t ever sleep in an angry mood” or “always stick to the truth and never lie” are just a few phrases that newlyweds are advised to follow. However the truth is;

Calm Your Anxiety level

The Importance of Emotional Connection in a Relationship

Emotional connection is the understanding and knowledge that your partner has about you. This way through your personal signs and signals your partner will turn to you as and when you need him or her. When you are emotionally connected you feel a sense of closeness to another person. When we are emotionally connected we

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Yoga and How It Beautifully Boosts Your Sex Life

In most cases, people usually fixate a particular kind of mental image when one talks about sex and yoga together. Most of the times, when people hear about yoga sutra the first thing that they link it to are Kama Sutra. This is because they straight away think about the story of Orgasmic Meditation (OM)