Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the male sex organ is not able to get a proper erection which is a necessary for a satisfying sexual relationship. Sometimes the condition is in its initial or primitive stage where the male sex organ attains erection for the initial 2-3 minutes but loses it just after or even before penetration into the vagina.

-Erectile dysfunction ED is the inability to perform the sexual act. In other words impotency or erectile dysfunction is the condition in which the male organ does not have the proper erection to have a satisfying sexual act (intercourse). The person loses his retention power or gets discharged without any satisfaction for him or his partner.



Since the very ancient days in India, the sex education and intercourse was among the top priorities of the society. In that time it was the need of time to produce more and healthy generations In Ayurveda a saperate branch of medicines called Vajikarana (Sexology) originated.

In Vedas it is mentioned that the Vajikarana (Sexology) is the branch of Ayurveda started  by Brahmaji in the ancient times. By the further development in Ayurveda (The Indian System of Medicines) by various Ayurveda physicians of that time mentioned various range of their research and evidence based ayurvedic medicines and arranged them in a systemic way in their Samhitas (Books)..

Based on the available ancient samhitas formulation and the doses calculated at per with the result oriented guidelines of the modern period and evidence based, We at Empire Clinics prepare and practise the safest and our best way to treat the patient.

Patient satisfaction is our top most priority.

Don’t be shy………Don’t be afraid…….!!!

It is cureble if not associated with surgical anatomical problems otherwise.

We know at present society, this is sought to be the topic of ashamed due to our mentality but the truth is that like the other parts of the body sex organs are also important, we say even more important as of being important for reproduction purpose. So, get riddoff all the shyness and bounderies,

Talk openly and consult with us.

We assure you will get the best consultation by our professionally who are trained with both Ayurveda and Allopathy (Modern) System of medicines.

-Our erectile dysfunction treatment is a course which consists of rare Bhasmas, Rasayans & vajikarna therapy; Herbo-mineral combinations. It was proven effective in India & abroad in innumerable cases,resulting in complete return to normalcy. Once strong erections restored, they are almost, always long termed and there is no negative side effects.

-Our “Specialised Treatment Plan for Erectile dysfunction ED” has been the most successful for thousands of Men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). This is a specialised and customised program that gives you 100% natural and safe herbal suppliments manufactured inhouse under direct supervision of our Sexologists and Herbalists


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