1.      ERECTILE DYSFUNTION – Difficulty in Getting or Maintaining Erection at the Time of Sex can be due to Diabetes, Age Factor, Use of Illicit Drugs, Undue Stress, Anxiety or any Medical conditions.

2.      PREMATURE EJACULATION – Discharge Before Own or Partner’s Satisfaction at the time of Sex

3.      LOSS OF LIBIDO – Lack of Desire to have Sex


5.      HYPOESTHIA – Decrease of Sensibility and Desire for Sex in Men

6.      HYPERESTHIA – Excessive Increase of Sexual Impulse and Feelings in Men

7.      NOCTURNAL EMISSION – Known commonly as Night Fall, is Seminal Discharge during sleep without any Sexual Activity

8.      SPERMATORRHOEA – Known commonly as Dhat, is a condition in which there is an Abnormal Seminal Discharge without any Sexual Activity

9.      SEXUAL DEPRESSION – Mental State in which a Man Considers His Sexual activity as Boring, Passive and Gloom

10.    SEXUAL APATHY – Total lack of Concern for Sex with One’s Partner

11.    OTHER SEXUAL DISORDERS – Fear of Sex, Weakness after Sex, Premarital Sex Problems, Psychosexual disorders, etc,.



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