Also known as sugar, diabetes, madhumeha etc

It is a metabolic disorder which can affect any human being in this world. It is due to the insufficient insulin hormone production by the pancreas of the body. Insulin is the hormone secreted from the pancreas and responsible for the management of excess glucose in the body by storing it in the body after converting glucose into glycogen.

These days along with the hypertension, DM has become the most common disease of the society due to unhealthy life style and lack of physical work.

BEWARE!!!! No one can completely cure the DM. The main thing is to manage it properly. There is a hope in stem cell technique but it is still under research.

The Empire Clinics play an important role in the management of DM with its team of well qualified doctors in both ayurvedic and allopathic modes of treatment with minimal side effects along with healthy guidance to improve your lifestyle.
Only slight efforts are required by you to live a healthy and fit life together with the DM and Empire Clinics. Don’t panic from DM, face it. WE ARE WITH YOU.